Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Comfort in music

I'm finding comfort in music today as tomorrow draws nearer.
I've spoken to several women in my situation and it is the best decision to me.I've read the personal blogs of survivors and they give me hope.

I am feeling calm but terrified . It is not an easy road. I know I am not alone.

Since being diagnosed with breast cancer last week , another 179 women in Australia alone have joined the ranks (30-35 women a day depending on what stats you read )

Music brings transformation and healing.

My biggest concern right now is finding pajamas with button down front in a soft, stretchy material.

For information on how to be 'breast aware' and look for any changes in your breasts -see  Australian Govt Cancer Australia website on breast changes and breast awareness.

Tell me your favourite inspirational songs ?

If you or a loved one have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, please contact Breast Cancer Network Australia for information and support www.bnca.org.au

·         My Journey Kit is a free, comprehensive information resource for Australians newly diagnosed with breast cancer www.bcna.org.au/my-journey-kit