Thursday, 3 May 2012

Thankful for time - Do Something With It

"For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned"

Huh ?
I am woeful at time management and organising.

Time management is not necessarily about getting lots of stuff done, it is much more important than that.

It's making sure that I am definitely not on Facebook working on the right things  , the things that truly need to be done to reduce stress improve the quality of our family life.

This week I am thankful for gained time.

Today, my cherubs caught the school bus to school for the first time, they have also caught the bus home twice this week.

It means a priceless - extra 2hrs in the morning and an hour in the afternoon if they catch the bus home.

Naturally, how I choose to spend that two-three  hours a day is totally up to me...albeit under the watchful eye of my husband who is working at home at the moment on a few projects.

It would be easy to waste this extra time in my day by filling it with a meaningless housework chore, surfing the web mindlessly, or twittering it away?

I don't really need suggestions to spark my imagination.

Could I devote my entire three hours to building our business or mastering a new skill ?
Sew a Quilt ?
Cooking ?
Crocheting ?
My blog ?

I could invite a friend over  if I didn't live so far from town *sigh*

I have decided I am devoting some of my extra time to my community and my running challenge !

The opportunities are limitless.

Hopefully, not only will I  get a lot more done in less time, but I'll feel more relaxed, focused and in control of life. Something I need.

Especially I am thankful I’ll be able to make time for the people and activities that I love or even loath but have to be done anyway. So when I get to the end of a busy day, I feel a sense of accomplishment from the things I crossed off my ta da list.

I might even get to bed earlier and get more sleep.

What could you do with an extra 3 hours a day ?