Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Slow down some ....you are making me run

Lately as well as running on the treadmill, I've been running round in circles in my mind . Yes , life is a whirlwind despite a few extra hours in my day since the twins have caught the school bus 6-7 times a week.

I've ticked a few things off my list ....next will be to post the comp winners. I promise. Most have been contacted except for two peeps.

Finally our 2011 tax is submitted and the accountant will lodge them tonight ...talk about cutting it fine . The deadline is May 15th ...hours to spare ! What do you think about deadlines ?

I flew to Sydney for the first time last Thursday . A 1hr5min flight sure beats 5-6hrs driving. Though I had to leave home at 5:15am for 6:30am flight . I could well have driven for the 11am start . Flying was relaxing save for the adrenalin rush of the take off and landing. I am an anxious flyer.

I returned to the 'Mothership' gratefully for the weekend. My mum is awesome . She cooked me delicious dinners, made me cups of tea, did my washing and even poached eggs. Though, she can talk backwards , underwater and upside down . It was nice leaving the mess behind at home with hub and the twins. (They arrived late Friday night)

 I know too much mess in our home feels like a mountain and creates
stress when we run late and can't find important things, the chequebook or even the twins school gear. When the drawers are empty and the clean laundry is piled high waiting in baskets or on our bed to be folded by the good faeries tempers flare. I did it last night anyway.

Incidentally, I discovered this morning one of our 2-3 ? cheque books is 8 yrs old , recent cheques include the Teen's (almost 19) PRIMARY school expenses and a few blank stubs ( hub) still 12 cheques /50 remain. I only write cheques to the school mostly. I figure this one was MIA for a bit.

Not that these things are important in the bigger picture but the chaos that reigns would have us snip and snap constantly ... I hate it when I can't find a chequebook or clean underwear .

Without some organisation life would be harder , getting basic things done
helps minimise the mountains in our lives but a little dust won't hurt (don't look under my bed) or in the corners.
I love these like little snippets of wisdom mostly from Regina Black and I few I found elsewhere.

riends are treasures and so are the warm comments that have uplifted my spirit.

Don't even ask about my positive affirmations ...
My apologies for the layout I'm using my iPad via blogpress and it's all borked.