Tuesday, 17 April 2012

You don't know what you got till it's gone

Technology in 2012 means we are never far from a status update, a text message or even a tweet or instagram to friends or followers.

Our days are wait - I have to change my status, I'm instagram'ing this or like the Logies joke - tweet the winner first it first.We live our lives on hold to do it , but oh the memories we document to over share with our extended community of family and friends.

Still, I can't believe hubby has not embraced this technology. I'd have missed him less if he did...just saying. He can send a text message and operate a mobile phone - that is all. He is happy with that and an occasional flutter on ebay or a browse through Trading post online.

After spending a week in Sydney {4 hours + from our new home} - the numbers don't go high enough and words can't describe how much...haha.... I missed him. I wish he would catch up with instant technology.

We stayed with family - the numbers don't go high enough and words can't describe how much I've missed them since we tree changed to Central West NSW. My little boys especially miss their brother,  9yr old cousin and his sisters, Aunties and Uncles. They loved seeing their big brother again (did visit at Easter) when he came to Mum's for dinner. I've {I'll miss her again when I have to do my own washing,cooking and cleaning} missed my Mum.

It was lovely to catch up with a few friends - I missed them more because some I hadn't seen since before we left for our Western Australia roadtrip.

Squeezing in a quick chat and coffee with Denyse before Sam's eye appointment was lovely, and she generously shared a few DPCON goodies with us.

Moving away means you leave friendships behind , some permanently. I still didn't see everyone I wanted to. It is hard to accept I won't see some people again , playgroup friends and others in my old community.

We saw the the boys' old preschool teacher's , unforgetable, 'Lightening' car at the station,late one night. I wished I made time to go and say hello. We might still...

Facebook gives me a thread of hope. I can still feel a little connected to the outside world. A world I embrace and miss.

Facetime , not connected in any way to Facebook will keep us connected to their cousins.

In other news my 80yr old Mother in law is now a Facebook convert , beware nieces and nephews , Nanny is watching you ! We visited her yesterday and she asked me to sign her up.

The Drummer boys have had a great week with their cousins, family and friends. We went to the Easter Show, celebrated the opening of Madame Tussaud's , Darling Harbour (It was incredible and a  post for another day) and just chilled.

Country roads will take me home later today ...to my love.