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IKEA~ saving marriages and floor space ~ thinking inside the box GIVEAWAY

When I was sent a recent press release about mess and disorganisation, in the home, being a core reason Australian couples argue - I had to agree

This is one of the oldest organizing truisms around, but it is probably the most important of all: a place for everything, and everything in its place.  ZEN Habits

The number one reason I yell at my kids - would be for not tidily returning things to their proper PLACE when not in use.

Just saying, it goes both ways in our house , without boring you with the details. I cannot find stuff when he puts things away in the wrong different places - admittedly he is mostly tidy. Tempers fray when something missing ...or is buried under other stuff lying around , out of place. I am disorganised due to lack of storage.

Hasty, tense phone calls at the last minute to him asking where X,Y or damn Z is , are stressful for both of us.

How lovely is this small bathroom solution

According to new research* by home furnishing expert IKEA, 
90% of Australian couples argue more about clutter and untidiness than they do infidelity, alcohol consumption, parenting approaches and money and finances.
This is perhaps an assumption - infidelity and money isn't a  hourly daily issue in most marriages /relationships ;).

The study , including 1000 Australians, also found:

– 3 in 5 (63%) Australians admit to being self-confessed ‘hoarders’, who keep items in case they
become useful in the future (Guilty all over )

– Men (67%) are more likely than women (60%) to be hoarders (yes hubby if you include shed /hardware junk - I am the household junk hoarder )

This was a little gem too – in NSW respondents most likely believed having a different partner would make them better organised (16% vs. national average 11%) ...well especially if the new partner shopped at the new Ikea Tempe store !  

What surprised me the most ?  the most was the floor space that could be saved if things were better stored almost 8 square metres !

It’s interesting to see that almost one third of Aussies believe having a bigger house would enable them to de-clutter their homes. But by simply organising their home, Australians could be saving on average almost 8 square metres of floor space - that’s like adding on another entire room”, says Angela McCann, IKEA PR Manager.

laundry storage love.

How many families move house because of the need for more space ? 


This is where IKEA steps in! 

Really -  it isn't as hard as we might think . Decluttering is all about organisation and thinking inside the box !!  

Can I tell my husband you how relieved I am it isn't throwing out everything  !

IKEA offers a HUGE  range of clever and cost effective storage solutions that make the most of the space we already have...and solutions for every size home you can imagine except if you lived in a mansion !
SKUBB clothes boxes – $29.99 - 3 pack in black, white or lilac. The handle on the side makes it easy to pull out from the shelf - fit 100cm wardrobe frame.
More SKUBB clothes boxes  $9.99 – set of 6 - 3 sizes they fit perfectly in drawers  -keeps socks, belts, jewellery etc. in order in your chest of drawers or wardrobe.- Folding - saves space when not in use. {In black, white or lilac}. I have them on my bookcase for odds & ends at the moment.

DOKUMENT magazine files $12.99 – pink or white  constructed with attractive mesh metal stuff, Handles make it easy for you to pull out and lift the magazine file. Get your home office/desk life into working order with IKEA’s range of drawers, shelves and files.

GODMORGON box with compartments -organise your lipsticks, make-up brushes, eyeshadows, etc

ANTONIUS laundry bag with stand (optional wheels) ours is going in the renovated bathroom soon. Available in black or white.

ANTONIUS Frame – The Antonius system is awesomely flexible- see the above image too - in either white tubs [giveaway] or wire baskets . It can be stacked together using additional units mix/match. I use mesh baskets inside a kitchen cupboard to store plastic tupperware.
Customise it to suit your needs. The one we were sent [giveaway]holds - two smaller ones and one big one, can have 2 big or 4 small. I love flexibility of it.

At very affordable prices to suit every budget, clutter and dis-organisation can be managed using IKEA's clever storage solutions. Though I guess I don't have tell my savvy my readers this !

For more clever ideas from IKEA about how to De-clutter and De-stress in 2012 head to: 

Are you nodding your head ?  or just here to win the giveaway and test the theory  ?

(Can you spot my kids hanging off the sign yesterday)
As part of my most brilliant excuse ever research I had to pay a visit to IKEA Tempe. Two weeks ago, leaving kids and hubby at home, I took the daring trip into Sydney. 

Parking was a cinch and after a quick breakfast with my friend I took the first tentative steps into de cluttering heaven , though I could only justify a limited selection !

Oh Billy

I love the Kid's de-clutter and storage solutions too our EXPEDIT bookcases store all our toys x 2. IKEA has a great range of fun, colourful storage ideas for children.

It is quite an adventure getting through the IKEA maze , they ensure you don't miss a thing this way.

Yesterday, just to re-affirm my suspicions can never be organised enough, I went back. Sadly, I missed out on my Billy bookcase *sob*. I did buy more hooks and rails with hooks to save the displacement of car keys, my mobile phone and other trip hazards.
IKEA thinks of everything - how brilliant is SMALL LAND for the children. One hour of retail peace and quiet while the friendly team entertains them. You can also enjoy breakfast,lunch or dinner in the family friendly Cafe.

PS I took 50+ photos with my iPad ...IDEAS by the hundreds for our renovated small living space!

*The De-clutter, De-stress Study - including 1000 people was commissioned by IKEA to uncover how living in a disorganised household effects lifestyles and relationships, highlighting the money and space an average household could save if effectively storing their belongings.


Winner takes all ~ inspiration to get started on their home organisation and de-bust the clutter  ~ including

SKUBB Boxes x 2 as above
Dokument Magazine File
Godmorgon -
Antonius Laundry Bag -
Antonius Frame & tubs-

To WIN the above storage solutions - 

Tell me the hardest thing about getting your home organised ?

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