Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Good return ~ International Women's Day

Thursday is International Women’s Day- what does that mean to you ?

What can you do with $25 - buy a new shirt, go out for lunch with a friend or ?

This is not a sponsored post - I wanted to share the unique opportunity we have to change lives and enrich our own on International Women's day .

Good Return, an innovative non-profit is asking Australians to support with poor women in the Asia Pacific who need small loans to start or build a business to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.
I was very surprised to learn loans as small as $25 can make a huge difference.
Good Return’s Connecting Women, Building Better Futures campaign, will help to fund 200 women’s business loans, which will impact over 1000 lives for the better.

The best bit about it – it’s a loan, so when your money is repaid you can keep it, or lend it again, helping even more people. To date, Good Return has a 100% repayment rate!
It is easy to get involved - Join with your friends, colleagues or blogger community to make a loan – each contribute $10 or $20 and choose a woman to loan to at

This will enable a woman to start her own business.

Yes, you take a very small risk the loan won't be repaid currently 99.6% are repaid - I think it is something I could live with if so... to empower a woman living in poverty to change her life , her family and even her community and build a better future.

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