Sunday 15 January 2012

Sunday ~ A good day

I've been a bit busy the last few weeks , hence the blogging hiatus. It wasn't something I planned but that is way it panned out.

Suffice to say we have had a wedding, funeral, moving , our 18 yr son moving out of home ( on good terms because he has a job in Sydney training as a Fire technician ) , Christmas , new puppies , packing to move (we are renting our house not selling so we had to fix things and leave the place spotlessly clean) and general displacement in the crazy mix. Plus other stuff and matters I can't blog about because it is not my story to tell.

Last night to top it all off we had a severe thunderstorm - causing a power failure at 9.30pm. I was home alone with the twins. Lucky I found a torch (or my little guys did) minutes before - as the power had been flickering. Eventually I found a candle, then a lighter gun. It was an interesting experience to say the least.

I then had to check the new puppies were ok in their temporary pen and kennel , way down the back, in the pouring rain and lightening all around (again my little guys came to the rescue because they knew where a Ben 10 umbrella was). Then I had to close all the wide open windows in the caravan.

The storm was quite scary, thankfully my boys didn't freak out. Though they did ring my husband on my mobile phone while I was out in the storm and they were inside in the dark (it was before I found the candle) with lightening flashing everywhere.I didn't dare risk taking them outside with me. It looked quite spectacular even if a bit scary as only a few windows have curtains...

Normally, I would have been more prepared but everything has been moved about due to moving in Wednesday. Usually my White Knight  is here for such emergencies.

I heard this song recently and it resonates with me .

song #2 As we packed (and decluttered) there were a lot of memories that came flooding back. I had to throw out a lot of things I have held onto for years physically and mentally.

This year we will make new memories !

I chose Elvis in honour of the Elvis festival being held nearby in Parkes.

Sunday Session
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