Thursday 10 November 2011

Thankful for Unicorns, that moment and secret ink !

The other day while camping at Quagi Beach

a father of triplets, mentioned about venomous snakes and why his 5 yr olds wore gumboots !

Then we saw

I'd really wish they were left behind instead of Unicorns !

I am thankful  we only met this unknown 'reptile' as we were leaving the campground . The 'close up' photo was most definitely taken from the safety of the vehicle (4WD) by DH - I did get 'out' for this second one {well it was first photo - way away on far side of the car}

I am thankful that moment ~ when you stroll into the ablution block and think - 'Gee this looks a bit different to before ' {everything was reversed about}, then you spot the urinal - and you dash out quickly before being sprung seen ~ yeah THAT moment !

I am thankful for the wonderful spectacular extraordinary Telstra Bigpond lady {Of course they exist - just rarely witnessed like Unicorns } who sorted my Internet credit {mobile broadband wifi } woes and now I have 10G to use again ...

It should be enough to get me home and then some. I'd be lost without it and my URL friends. ( Google maps has been very handy actually)

I am sure, I am, my husband is thankful for Daisy's challenge - so far 4/8 but 10/10 for exhaustion effort enjoyment - it is really making us thankful for enticing me to bed earlier and away from my computer our relationship.

what are you thankful for ?
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