Tuesday 29 November 2011

Pinterest Make Me ~ Christmas Craft

I admit I don't possess crafty bones. My projects are usually a little wonky or go unfinished.

I like to be creative though. The boys love getting into mischief creative with craft , sticky tape, staples and glue. It's messy and fun play.

I just want to make Christmas fun for my little boys without an overload of commercialised decorations. Ok, I love some of them but I have a budget to stick to (next to nothing) .I want it to be fun for my boys, as long as I remember ...

We'll be right.

I am excited about Christmas but I do find it stressful. So, I am printing this out and framing it. I want to make my own subway art copy but that project is for another day.

Today I am joining in Pinterest make me Challenge. Ta da ...Disney Christmas Printable Train Craft.
We used an existing train track from Mr 18 and our farm animals to decorate it a little more.

Thanks Kate for the idea - on her 10 Free Printable ideas post.

* The cheeky Elve's on the shelf are also in the building - wait till you see what they get up to next week. Double Trouble !!

One more day of NaBloPomo ...how did you go.

PPS - I am getting ready for my 12 days Of Christmas giveaways. I hope you like them.