Saturday, 19 November 2011

It's all in the timing

So we are almost back to where we started from.
Our Farm.
Not quite home but our home away from home.
We stopped in town to do some food shopping and fuel up.
The drummer boys had a play in the little park near the shopping centre while they (& Dad) waited for me.
Joel tells me as soon as we get in the car " I have a headache "
Uh oh ...that means puke !
We hear the tell tale cough and splutter.
I yell "Stop" !
I get the boy out. Quickly.
He coughs and pukes on the grass.
I clean the toy debris off the floor and find a lunchbox they have been using for play.
We drive off.
5 mins later it is needed.
Then again.
We continue drive to the farm it is 10-15 mins away.
Stopping at the farm gate Hubby empties the box ...the bumps you see.
We arrive and my poor little guy is still puking.
He has barely eaten in hours , save for a few chips at DH's cousin's house.
Good timing is all I can say.
He fell asleep after a few good pukes.

I wake him, to check him, after an hour (being a former Paediatric Nurse I am paranoid about checking and waking sick kids ...headaches & vomiting = meningitis ? )
He is a little better, cranky,
He is alert and he whinged when we brushed his teeth.
They still hurt.
He seems Okay again.
I hope we all he sleeps tonight.
It is good to be almost home.

This always makes me laugh