Monday, 7 November 2011

Fanny Cove and a lonely existence

Yesterday we arrived at Quagi Beach , a pristine location in the middle of nowhere ( near Esperance ). No tourist facilities bar environmental toilets and outdoor cold shower. No shops for miles wifi. Never the less beautiful .

Amazingly, campground fees are only $2 per person per night via an honesty box.

We met a family here with 5 yr old triplets from Perth. They are 2 wks into a 10 month trip around Australia. The 5 kids had fun jumping down the small dune hills and the parents yakked about road trips till the sunset.

They told us we might a drive to Fanny Cove , 4wd track a bit further along the coastline.

The day dawned bright and beautiful , after a few days of rain. As rain renders some tracks impassable we waited to make sure it was clear . So off we went after lunch .

Fanny Cove was stunning to look at unfortunately it was malodorous as the name might suggest *snigger* and *hurl* . I honesty don't know if it was seaweed or something dead. It stank like well ...

We saw a kangaroo and Joey bouncing along the track just up from the beach ....the first wild roos we have seen in weeks.

On the way back not far from Fanny Cove we also saw a little detour to Moir Homestead , a crumbling series of buildings being reclaimed by the elements.

It was very interesting,though swarms of bees ensure people keep their distance from the ruins.

I am also paranoid about venomous snakes of western Australia now thanks to the triplets' parents. So I nervously trod the rubber pathway in my less. We didn't expect to go traipsing through the sandy bushland.

They must have had a lonely existence I imagine. Miles from anywhere and a long road in and out to the highway. No shops ...drawing water from a well.

I can't help feel for the women of these pioneers ...

Though I envy this enormous tree

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