Wednesday 12 October 2011

Finishing up ~ Messy Meal times

In our house all the Drummer boys’ favourite meals are messy ones. As part of the Finish Quantum We Love Messy Meals campaign, I’ve been experimenting with our favourite messy meals
 - Spaghetti bolognaise, Lasagne, Roast lamb, Sticky Chinese chicken wings,

pancakes, chocolate brownies and Choc caramel slice (ok that’s my ultimate challenge – do you know how hard it is to scrub off hardened sticky caramel !!)

 I admit I am the messiest cook ever (just ask my brother or hubby – it drives them nuts I use every pot, spoon and bowl in the cupboard ). Especially when I have two 3ft helpers who elbow and jostle each aside for a stir ; flinging a few spoonfuls over the floor, the bench, each other or me...sometimes I have to give them a bowl each to stir. It makes for a huge mess but of curse course it is all good family fun.

Grab your aprons, start the oven, make as much mess as you can, get your pitch forks out, dig in and get messy while the camera is rolling.

Then upload your messiest photos and videos for a chance to win a cool $25,000 cash and have your family star in the next Finish commercial.

It's the good news we have all been waiting for ! 

...there is no need to rinse anything before hand ...I love it
1.    When we live on tank water it will save water.
2.    No need to unwrap (The biggest Drummer boy has been known to leave wrappers on)
3.    The other dishwasher packers (that includes me) are lazy so it saves time. I am hardly much of a rinser (unlike my SIL which drives me a little crazy rinsing or scrubbing the baking dishes clean to put them in her dishwasher – though she uses Finish too - but that’s just the way it is.)
4.    Banish re-washing or hand scrubbing the bits usually left behind.
5.    Shiny wine glasses. Everyone comments on them !

Finish powers right in, like a little army of soldiers, to target and clean away even the toughest baked on stains (burnt, crunchy edges too – just wash away- just saying -not my cooking!)

FINISH® QUANTUM® utilizes a breakthrough multi-chamber technology that releases each agent when needed during the cycle. Smart !

I just wish Finish would invent an automatic un-packer and I could FINISH up the kids !

Though whoever wins the Messy meal competition is going to be laughing all the way to the bank...leaving the dishes behind for a cleaner maybe !

The  messy meals gallery of entries with Australia’s messiest meals is very entertaining. I love this example  Lots of cute kids !

Do you think your family could challenge Quantum to the ultimate dishwashing test?
Have you got a messy meal story to share?

Do you love to take photos of your little darlings and their messy face meals.
Want to win $25,000 ??

Stuck for ideas – FINISH has created a PDF download with a recipe book full of deliciously messy family meals

Make sure you get your photos or video entries in now - Get in quick as there isn’t much time left !

What are you waiting for ? You too can have fun creating messy meals with your family.
What is your messiest meal ?