Tuesday 11 October 2011

My happy place 10 things

1. We will be camped here for the next week while my hubby flies home for work. It is a holiday from our #roadtrip holiday , a chance to stop , breathe and enjoy the calm ( that is the plan). It ticked all the boxes.

2. The drummer boys are ecstatic that this playground is right across from us.

3. I am thrilled the jumping pillow is 1-2 mins walk with a shady park bench,to park myself, right by the jumping pillow. Since carrying twins who bounced constantly on my PF , I know I have to give the jumping pillow a miss. *pout* Though my iPad will come in handy to keep me company.

4. The swimming pool is solar heated (so I was told) and there is a heated spa ...oh the joy ! I hate cold water. We haven't been there yet.

5. The amenities and ablutions are close by in 3 directions and we don't need a key ( for the drummer boys or me to lose) ...the caravan still has it's own on board.

6. If I squint through the playground we have a lake view too.

7. SHOPPING ...did I mention there are lots of shopping opportunities nearby...if I can bribe the boys to behave for long enough.

8. Beaches are a 5 min drive. I love the beach but sand 'meh' in the caravan drives me crazy. I can minimize it and after 10 mins one son has had enough anyway.

9. The boys can ride there bikes ...maybe I can run ( It's just a slight possibly).

10. I saved the best to last - Friends - I get to meet up with MissyBoo and Glowless , there are heaps of kids for the drummers boys to play with too. They had only been at jumping pillow for 5 mins and they were hugging some teenage girl and boy goodbye ...

I will miss my man, and the boys will miss him too. This plan was the best we could do. I know it is going to work. Just so long as I don't get lost ...

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