Tuesday, 23 August 2011

10 ways to stress less while your husband is having an MRI

My husband is off having an Brain MRI right now , hopefully as we speak.

He had a follow up appointment with the Radiation Oncologist at Cancer care centre , all seems good. A huge relief .

Then he saw a Neurologist because of the the ongoing headaches. They decided they would do another MRI just to rule out anything, it's been 11 months and 1 weeks since his last one.

It was supposed to be 3 weeks ago but 15 mins after they booked the scan (7pm the same day after the appointments) by the time he had walked up to give/receive informative the machine had broken down.
They think it is more likely stress, and they told him to adjust his medications too.

I am not stressing. 

Last week , when Sam had his annual Neurofibromatosis  [NF1] review at the Children's hospital clinic . We saw the Specialist not just a registrar . She decided Sam needs a brain MRI too. Again just to rule out anything causing his vision changes.

The eye appointment 3 weeks ago shows his eyesight is slightly worse in left eye. The eye they can't see the optic nerve in because of the myelinated nerve fibres covering the disc.

In children his age they give them a trial mock MRI first to see if they will cooperate and lie still enough without a general anaesthetic. When I mentioned we were going away for 2 months in 3 weeks, she said let's try to get it done before you go...have n't heard yet.

If he can have it done without a GA the wait will not be as long. I am not stressing ... !

How do I stress less ?

(Just what I am doing)

I said to myself "I can manage at least a few of these every day" ...

He just called and is on his way home.
How do you cope with stress ?

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