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Practically perfect ~ Mary Poppins - supercalifragilistic musical

Last Wednesday I had the phenomenal privilege of being invited to enjoy a fabulous night out at  Sydney's Capitol Theatre to see Mary Poppins~ The Supercalifragilistic Musical. 

I was spellbound from start to finish by the brilliance of Disney and Cameron Macintosh who roll out the Red carpet with a stellar Australian Cast.

Verity Hunt-Ballard leads the cast in the  practically perfect role , of much loved Nanny, Mary Poppins. Verity's singing and dancing was amazing. As was the tremendous umbrella flight or flying scene - you must not miss seeing Verity as Mary Poppins. She is a dynamic star in and and out of character.

Matt Lee plays the fun loving Bert, the chimney sweep who is soft on Mary . So You Think You Can Dance  ? you should see Matt - his tap routine in Act 2 is spectacular .  You may know him from the TV show of the same now SYTYCD :). Watch out for his gravity defying scene.

The other phenomenal cast members  - Philip Quast is George Banks, Marina Prior is Winifred Banks ( not  the performance we saw though) Sally-Anne Upton is Mrs Brill, David Henry is Admiral Boom/Bank Chairman Christopher Rickerby is Robertson Ay, Judi Connelli played Miss Andrew, Debra Byrne played Bird Woman - all of them fabulous in their roles along with all the cast members.

Their boundless energy and charisma is unsurpassed , except by the children who play Jane & Michael Banks. There are actually 5 pairs of children who share these roles and alternate shows. Another set is always waiting in the wings too, just in case. They were so impressive and talented for 10-12 year olds , I can only imagine what lies ahead for them.

I have loved Mary Poppins from a young age. My VHS video of the 1964 Walt Disney's film version starring Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins has been much watched over the years.

Mary Poppins was originally adapted from Australia's own P.L.Traver's beloved books. I didn't know know was that PL Travers was Australian. Who would have thought ? Though Julian Fellowes wrote the book of the stage musical.

I loved rediscovering my memories of the magical life at Cherry Tree Lane and MARY POPPINS.  It's a musical right from the heart that captures your imagination and leaves you wondering just how they got it so perfectly together. 

From the opening scene I had no idea what lie in store for the audience but I knew immediately it was going to be big.

Here is a sneak peek .

The chemistry between all the cast is evident all the way through. It's funny as well as with lots of one liners and others quips .

The Disney & Cameron Macintosh  production includes all of my favourite songs from the film including CHIM CHIM CHER-EE, A SPOONFUL OF SUGAR, JOLLY HOLIDAY, STEP IN TIME, FEED THE BIRDS, LETS GO FLY A KITE and of course SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS.
There are some great new songs Practically Perfect , Anything Can Happen and A Shooting Star.
Asking me to chose a favourite scene is like asking me to chose my favourite child but the magical scene where the dreary grey park  is transformed into magical brilliance and colour , with amazingly choreographed singing and dancing that has to be seen to be believed. I can't giveaway too many secrets.
Zoe Gousmett, Kade Hughes, Verity Hunt-Ballard, Matt Lee
 The sets are of the highest quality and how so impressive and mesmerising were the scene changes.The creative team's timing was amazing and flawless. I loved the lighting and the big brass band (orchestra) too.

I am going to see it again I was so captivated. Blink and you miss a bit. The tap, dance, ballet and aerobatics and emotive singing takes your breath away. It was more than magical. The costumes and exuberance of the entire cast takes you on a journey beyond your imagination.

I've seen a number of stage musicals -this is 10 out of 10 .

Thanks to Julie & Disney for the fabulous invitation. I was awestruck meeting some of the cast backstage afterwards for a cosy chat and drink. I felt so tongue tied meeting Verity, Matt , Philip and others.
I know they must have been tired after performing two shows that day. So thank you guys & gals. 

I have played the CD of the live Original Australian cast recording over and over. I can't help singing along with my CD ...lucky no one is listening.

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