Friday, 20 May 2011

You ease my troubles , that's what you do

We arrived at the farm at 1am Thursday.

That's the way we roll ...late.

I can't explain why but being here is peaceful.
Calming. All our troubles melt away. 
Well, except for the mice and white ants ....grrrr don't ask..

Thursday, we darted all over town with the trailer , looking for a wood fire / slow combustion heater for our little shed.
Finally we found one and DH rushed home to install it before dark.
Two ladders, a hole in the roof for a chimney and almost done.
One hour later, after an interruption by our chatty neighbour and a dozen questions from the small boys the  first flames were lit.
Toasty warm in another hour or so.

It's lovely to look at too.
We have enough fallen and felled trees to keep us in firewood for years to come.
Remember, I got a chainsaw for my birthday last year.
I have touched and carried it a few times.
I even used my brother's smaller, older one, to cut a few logs, once at  my bother brother's insistence ...he said it was easy. NOT !
It will come in very handy though for DH.

Life's good.
A cup of tea at 3am is divine after a close call with a vomiting child.
Thankful, minutes before I talked him into returning to his bed.
Thankful, DH did the carpet cleanup.
Thankful, it's our recycled carpet from home and not the new carpet at home. 

Today I donated plasma.
I pulled staples and nails from timber and flooring we are recycling for our temporary accommodation.
The sun shone, the small boy reminded us to wear our hats and we basked in the knowledge that goodness abounds.
I went back to my GP through the week and everything seems in order.
I'll wait and see how I go.
DH had a followup at the Cancer care centre, too, and all is ok. Next scans will be in 6 months.
He just has a referral to a neurologist for ongoing headaches. (His MRI 6 months ago was clear) 

I sincerely hope the rapture doesn't happen tomorrow because I haven't finished my to do list and people are coming to inspect our house.
Fingers crossed they decide to buy it.
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