Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Boil up the coppers ...

... it's Washing day. This is my washing machine ...

I'm kidding ... seriously what have we got to complain about ?  

My great grandmothers used to spend all day washing or more.My MIL often speaks of her & her sisters working in the family guest house, spending hours every day doing the laundry.
It's an age old problem for women.
Women from all classes tried to find ways to get relief from doing laundry. Some hired washerwomen and others used commercial laundries. Eventually mechanical aids lightened the load.

We have got it good sisters ! No filling buckets with water, no boiling water, no grating soap flakes, no scrubbing boards and stirring dirty clothes with a washing stick.

This is really my washing {RIP} machine and laundry. Gosh I love my hubby for making it so pretty and with the drawers to chuck all the bits & bobs in..

In 1920-30's the biggest labour saving improvement was the introduction of gas boilers to replace the wood fired coppers.

Well ...I found that Malleys one out the back at the farm~ so it is kind of mine. (They are selling on ebay etc for $150 -$250 ~ in mint condition maybe). To be honest I wasn't sure what it was or did... boil water mainly.

Let's not talk about the ironing either.

Thankfully , we just have sort colours  (well I do sometimes), place clothes into the machine, add detergent
(like Biozet Ecosmart Attack) ...press a button or two.Come back 20 - 40mins later & remove the clean , fresh laundry, peg them on the line or toss them in the dryer ...easy. (Don't talk to me about folding - I hang everything I can on hangers. My husband folds more than I do too)

So I'll stop whinging right about now.  Our grandmothers would never have had time for social media with all the time they spent washing (& general cleaning) and imagine chopping wood to do the washing.

Are we soft ?
A few months ago our front loader finally carked it after 17 yrs service. Miele ... it was worth it. 

Our first a $350 wedding present barely lasted 1-2 yrs.

Anyway , DH brought the top loader home from the farm (...bad idea because it beeps constantly). It is also sitting outside (undercover) because it doesn't fit under the built in bench.

Still it beats washing by hand, banging clothes on rocks or scrubbing/boiling water/wringing out wet clothes.  

I am old enough to remember my mum's twin tub, one tub washed and then you transferred them the 2nd tub to  come back a dozen times to adjust the load , spin water out.They were such small loads too. It took forever.

I am going to miss my laundry.

This is my laundry, for the time being, in the shed house with another borrowed machine. Lucky Biozet Attack Ecosmart doesn't take up much space.

So I digress. I was quite impressed by Biozet Attack Ecosmart liquid that I received to trial and review a couple of weeks ago . 

It ticked all the boxes for me -  clean washing without compromising the environment or my hip pocket. I know raving on about washing is boring so just the fun bits ...
  • Cold water friendly (energy saving+) no having to dissolve powder or re wash out powdery stains (I hate that). Low suds = easier rinsing and it's suitable for all machine types.
  • Ultra concentrated at 20 washes per bottle - one shot wash - so I'm not paying for water. It has 10% compared to competitors average 57% .Plus a  smaller bottle to carry home. Even the hub can remember one shot !
  •  Targets and attacks tough stains - It has Smart enzymes ? huh - well they worked for me -getting rid of the farm dirt, grotty twin boys & teenage grime and spag bol stains too the first time. Yet, Biozet Attack Ecosmart is designed especially for minimal environmental impact with maximum stain removal power.

  • I can do the right thing with a whole host of green credentials - Grey water friendly means our rinse water can be used on gardens.This will be important on the farm with no added phosphorus or bleaching agents
  • 100% recyclable PET bottle and even the empty re-fills weigh only 11gm.
  • The clothes also come out smelling fresh and fragrant ...but not sickly florally ...true !
Go on you know you want to try it too ! 
Well here is your chance!
Leave a comment- telling me...

What's your favourite labour saving appliance ? 
What couldn't you live without ?
    One lucky commenter will win a bottle of Biozet Attack Ecosmart and a refill pack so you can put it to the test - that's 36 washes !!

    1. Australia addresses only.
    2. Closes Sunday 8th May.
    3. For an extra entry if you feel LIKE it ... like me on the right.

    Disclosure: I received a complimentary Biozet Attack Ecosmart & refill  via Aussie Mummy Bloggers. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own

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    Melody said...

    Well, now that you say it, my WASHING MACHINE! Lol. Or my dishwasher. I'm grateful for both those appliances that makes me appreciate them more for having read this post. My grandparents did it hard, and I'm positive my own mother did too. However, I did learn from my own mother how to hand wash clothes and *always* hand washed and dried the dishes when I was growing up. My girls don't know how easy they have got it.....

    (BTW, back when we lived in Oz, I swore by Biozet - it was seriously the best washing powder, though my -then new- washing machine was not a big fan of powder - she loves liquid. When we move back to Oz (whenever that may be) I will use the liquid!)

    Anonymous said...

    I am old enough to remember the days of coppers and wringers....
    and the great story of my nan getting her arm stuck in ours..........

    I think washing machine too.Even today when I am not at my best,I can still stagger out to the laundry and throw on a load.Simple to use,swift and efficient.

    coming a close second would be the dishwasher!!!

    ClaireyH said...

    Dishwasher. I need one so much. In fact I could use two, and never use the cupboards, just get out of one and into the other.

    Bec said...

    It has to be my dishwasher, I couldn't live without mine now. We moved into a new house around 12 months ago and it had a dishwasher...so friggin awesome!

    But I also couldn't live without my washing machine or dryer. When our dryer died a couple of years ago I went and bought a new one straight away. I wash at night and beign able to put in the dryer in iffy weather is such a lifesaver (and the lazy way).

    Bec said...

    I've liked you!!

    sapna said...

    I live in australia.

    my labour saving appliance would be my food processor . I love cooking and can not do without my food processor. It save s me so much time and effort. makes my cooking journey smooth.
    Dishwasher is my second labour saving appliance.

    sapna said...

    I have liked you on facebook few days back...

    Megan said...

    I'd have to say my clothes dryer. In winter here we barely get to see the sun and my dryer is a life saver!

    Megan said...

    I liked you on facebook :)

    Tat said...

    Washing machine. I still remember my Grandma washing all the sheets by hand... I would definitely not wanna do that if it can be avoided.

    Kate said...

    I have to say the washing machine, closely followed by the dishwasher are the most useful and time saving appliances.

    But favorite? Has to be my could totally live without but never want to coffee machine!! Some nights, you know the ones where everyone wakes up and you feel like you've not really slept at all, I lie in bed and wish it was morning and time for a coffee!!

    Kate said...

    Oh and I like you here, there and everywhere! What's not to like?? :)

    superrelish said...

    If my hubby were here he would say the remote control, or if I have possession of said remote he would probably claim the fridge his favourite. Me? I am far more practical. I love having a dishwasher, not only does it wash the dishes, it also helps to hide the mess so the kitchen looks clean(ish)

    Claire said...

    I love my Dishwasher, I had it leak recently and had to handwash everything for 2 weeks while I waited for a new hose connection for it.

    Atoxim at gmail dot com

    Claire said...

    Facebook fan - Claire Ryder

    Atoxim at gmail dot com

    operationhotmother said...

    Mine would definately have to be the washing machine i could proably get by without every other appliance but not my washing maching i would hate to be doing the washing for a family of 6 by hand.

    operationhotmother said...

    Like on facebook as Mellie jane and follow via GFC

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