Monday, 3 January 2011

What to do next ...a giveaway ... C25k...101 things for the kids

Oh I have dozens of things I should be doing right now.

Finish writing a blog post for an awesome giveaway I am hosting...more about that tomorrow I have to check something with the promotor first.
My year in review/ New Year resolution blog posts ...maybe.
Packing to move (no date though).
Cleaning - in general
Putting away our winter clothes (mind you we have been wearing some of them in this crazy weather)
Decluttering ( move)
Organising activities for the small people - Are your kids bored - here is a brilliant list of 1o1 things to do !

I need to find my motivation first.
Today I started my gallant attempt to run Couch to 5k [C25k] running program ...I can walk for miles but run NOT me - I start to huff & puff in minutes and give up.

I need and I'd like to get fitter.

I know I can do this.

My weight is reasonably healthy but my jeans/pants are a little too 'snug'.

I'm also joining in the battle of the Blogger Butts challenge to lose 5% of my body weight by March. The C25k will help this along.

As a blog community I know we can encourage each other in our quests to be fitter and healthier.

The first week of the C25k is relatively simple : short bursts of 1min jog with 1.5 min walk with a 5mins warm up and cool down at the end = 30 mins.
@ 3 times a week over 9 weeks ; each week the run/jog distance (or time interval) increases till you achieve running 5kms in 30mins.

I am doing it on my treadmill mostly because of my hearing loss I can't hear cars approaching with my 'thudding' along. I'm also virtually blind in my right eye so my vision is obscured too except some peripheral.

The treadmill means I can do it any time, in any weather and watch the kids while they play or watch TV.

At the farm , there is no treadmill but I don't have to worry about cars too much and we are at the end of a nice straight road - NO Through road so very few cars.

Some clever man worked out the treadmill program with times for me.

00:00-5:00: Warmup walk
5:00-6:00: Run
6:00-7:30: Walk
7:30-8:30: Run
8:30-10:00: Walk
10:00-11:00: Run
11:00-12:30: Walk
12:30-13:30: Run
13:30-15:00: Walk
15:00-16:00: Run
16:00-17:30: Walk
17:30-18:30: Run
18:30-20:00: Walk
20:00-21:00: Run
21:00-22:30: Walk
22:30-23:30: Run
23:30-25:00: Walk

25:00-30:00: Cooldown Walk

I am also keen to get an iPod or MP3 and download the apps that let you play your own music but have an audio alert to change pace. iPhone users can download apps too.

Ok , carry on ...I am about to :) Though I'd really like to stetch out on the couch !
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Cate said...

Oh that is such a good running program to begin with! Very sensible (the walk/run/walk approach is a great way to build up your fitness!).
So many bloggers are doing really great posts at the moment on fitness...I think I'll have to link them up to my wed midweek motivation posts :-)

Rachel said...

Sounds very busy there in your house.... dont forget to breath will you :)
Happy New year

Farmers Wifey said...

Thank you so much for your interest in our Battle of the Blogger Butts..its awesome to have you where can I sign up for the c25k running program??

Beet said...

wasn't that clever having the times for your treadmil... I'll have to copy that out so I can set mine up tomorrow :)

Naomi said...

How wonderful that you are giving it a go for the couch to 5kms - I have done it before and at the start I thought there was no way I could run for 5kms. I was amazed at the end I could do it!

Good luck and I love your 101 list.
Naomi x

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

@Cate - thanks a link up is a great idea and so is mid week motivation posts.

@Rachel - :) yes, one day at a time is my goal.

@Michelle - the more the merrier to keep us accountable and stay on track.

@Beet - the link to treadmill times for the 9wks is in my post and on the website.I printed mine out and blutac'd it to the treadmill console.

@Naomi- I'll be amazed too.Thanks for your encouragement. Together the we will all kick the blogger butt challenge - each in our own shoes.

Oh -I started a group on AussieMum bloggers :)

Anonymous said...

Your place sure sounds busy at the moment, exciting too. Good luck with the C25K, I managed to complete it a few years ago. I am back running again and for the first time ever I am loving running and feel out of sorts if I don't run! (I never thought I would ever say that!) I am going to join in with the Battle of the Blogger Butts too, mainly to try and stablise my weight and tone up. Good luck and enjoy.

Naomi said...

The C25K is a great way to start running. This time last year that's just what I did, now I'm training for a 1/2 marathon!

Well done and good luck x

Becky said...

Good luck! Looks like you have it well in hand, though! Do you know what the iphone app is called?

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