Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Lickety split

This takes me back yonder.
As simple as buying a packet of paddle pop sticks from the $2 shops or craft store & some glue.

Or you can have fun licking and eating your way to a collection (not recommended)!

Whichever way you go, there are so many simple , quick and fun paddle/popsicle stick activities to do with children ...google & see 1001 paddle pop stick craft ideas.
We made simple stars for the Christmas tree and spelt their names.
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Anonymous said...

We've got paddle pop sticks somewhere. They are the plain kind I use to make cookie pops when baking. Might have to get the paints out and the girls could paint them and make stars, they are too cute. Great idea. Thank you.

Kelley said...

Remind me of this when I am screaming for ways of keeping Boo entertained over the holidays!

Craft and dinner. Genius!

Cate said...

Oh gosh, I was just looking at paddlepop stick decorations I made for my nanna a few years ago - I cut the paddlepop sticks in half, made star outlines out of them, and then stuck a photo of each girl inside to hang on a tree...she loved them so much she still has them...awwww

Andrea said...

Exellent idea! I have lots of these sticks so I will give it a try with my kiddos
~Jada Roo Can Do

Naomi said...

love this activity! simple and so much fun :) might just have to fit this in for the holidays too! Naomi x

Anonymous said...

oh, i did not even think of writing with the sticks.. it's cool this stuff is so cheap to get, i hate to spend money for craft. i will get some now..

Anonymous said...

so much fun, thank you for sharing!
must go out & buy some popsickle sticks!

Anonymous said...

Two crafts I've read this morning are telling me I need to use up my crafting ribbon (I use my sticks to wrap my ribbon around and pin them to hold, saves a LOT of space)! Time for Mumma to get crafting so Princess can do some herself !

CatWay said...

I never thought to make names with out paddlepop sticks. My sons seem to love to get out a whole heap and just mess around with them..

Raising a Happy Child said...

Sometimes the best toys are not toys at all... We had a lot of fun with craft sticks here as well...

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