Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A shoebox that could change a life ...

My boys love to play with empty boxes.

They especially love shoe boxes.They fill them with their treasures (cars, teddy bears, farm animals) or stack them and knock them down ...

Today we packed them.

It is just a humble empty, discarded shoebox ...


when a child opens a shoe box, they’re opening more than a present lovingly prepared just for them. They’re opening up their community to a world of life-changing opportunities.

Filled with treasures beyond their wildest imaginations it brings hope & a message of love from afar.

Today we started collecting things...gifts we chose and wrapping our boxes . We chose gifts for boys in 2-4 yrs age.

I am planning on making this a yearly tradition.Last year we did it too.

It is such a great and easy way to bring smiles to the many children out there that are not as privileged as our own. It also teaches are children about the joy of giving and bringing happiness to others.

My boys enjoy packing and selecting treasures (gifts). It was heartwarming to hear them want to give away their own toys telling me they don't play with them ... and to give their treasures (a much loved Buzz Lightyear figure) to the other little boys ... but Operation Christmas child needs new toys and practical items.

There is just under a week until the boxes need to be handed in...

The instructions are simple

    Teddy bear, doll, soft toy, etc.
    Exercise book, pencil case, pens, pencils, colouring pencils, sharpener, eraser, chalk, etc.
    T-shirt, shorts, underwear, cap, beanie, sandals, thongs, etc.
    Tennis ball, cars, skipping rope, marbles, musical instrument, yo-yo, slinky, finger puppets, wind up torch, etc. (No battery operated items)*
    Soap and face washer, toothbrush, hairbrush, comb, hair-clips, scrunchies, etc.(No toothpaste)*
    Carry bag, sunglasses, bangles, necklaces, craft kits, stickers, note or photo of yourself.

In 2009, teams in Australia and New Zealand delivered over 300,000 gift-filled shoe boxes to South East Asia and the South Pacific. Globally, Samaritan’s Purse distributed an estimated 8.5 million shoe boxes to children in 105 countries.

The target this year is 346,000 smiles.

Whose life will your shoe box change this year?
PS We still a have a few spaces we can fill with a comb, soap, toothbrush,pencils and a notebook.
Full details are here.
Visit The Operation Christmas Child website to find out more and to find out where to drop your shoeboxes call 1800 684 300. There are drop off points all over Australia.
Hurry the last day for Australia is 25th October.
It also operates in many other countries.

Join in over at Childhood 101 for more fun play ideas and inspiration.

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

A great project!

Mum-me said...

We've done this every year since 2002. It is a fantastic way to help those less fortunate than ourselves. I am a bit disappointed that everything has to be brand new (especially when you have to remove all the packaging anyway!!) because we also have good quality, excellent condition 2nd hand toys which would definitely qualify for the 'something special' or 'something to love' category.

This year some ladies from out church got together and set up a stall where we could buy everything we needed. They had made 'hygiene' packs, school packs, they had knitted teddies and hats, they bought bulk hair accessories and toys. All we had to do was walk along the stall, fill our box and pay at the other end. AND then they donated all the funds (not just the profits) to Operation Christmas CHild too.

Of course, Possum had to fill her box with specially selected items to suit a teenage girl. I envy the young woman who gets that shoe box!!

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

@Secret mom...they do it the UK too.

@Mum me I agree on the 'excellent condition' and I think that it probably would go unnoticed. In principle I think it prevents any confusion because some people see things differently.
What a great idea on the what your church ladies did and donating all the proceeds.

I have to go shopping to add a few things and fill every space possible.

Tricia said...

We do this too! How interesting it is to find out other countries do the same 'giving' we do in the same way! Your boys are adorable!

Thanks for stopping by Mom is the Only Girl!

Jayne said...

Trish, thank you so much!
In my plans to pop a cake along to the local police station and some of the local shop keepers, this is exactly the sort of thing I've been wanting to do this year :)

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

@Tricia -thank you;
It is wonderful when the world unites for a common cause.

@Jayne great ideas ...though I wonder if our local PS would trust a cake from the locals.

Glowless said...

My MIL does this too! She was asking us for shoeboxes for ages and I had no idea what she was doing then when we went to visit her (about 6 hour drive away) it all made sense - she does all year round so that she has about 100 by Christmas time. Her children are grown and left home so she finds such joy in it. We're on strict instructions to keep our eyes open for bulk toy packs to help stuff them with!

Thanks so much for visiting Where's My Glow... comments are a bit of a rarity for me so I get super excited when I get some!

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

What a wonderful project to be involved in, Trish. You are teaching your boys such important life lessons here.

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