Sunday, 3 October 2010

Q: How do you eat an elephant?

(I found this pic at the hospital fete on 28th Aug 2010 coincidently and I had to buy it )
A: One bite at a time...

Today is Day Zero !
Today marks the start of my epic 101 things in 1001 days journey.
I've thought about doing it for some time.
A month ago exactly on Sept 3rd, I saw it mentioned on twitter by Faeriesarie and I got excited I gave her a few ideas.
Super relish decided to join in too.
I knew I needed something else to focus on .
I needed goals and dreams to inspire me.
I said to myself ...I'll start in a month.
I went and registered ... I discovered October 3rd 2010 plus 1001 days is July 1st 2013.
S & J's 7th birthday.

The big picture means 101 things in 1001 days ...almost 3 months short of 3 yrs
Broadly that means 1 challenge (I prefer it to thing) a minimum of every 10 days.
MY plan
  • 10% list is to be chosen by others ..asking for your help here on 5 things or else my husband gets 10 bits.
  • 10% is me things
  • 10% Altruism principle of living and acting to help others
  • 10% one of events
  • 10% I can finish within a 101 days
  • 10% I can finish in a year (any one year)
  • 10% achieve or finish within 2 years
  • 10% ongoing for duration of the 1001 days
  • 10% learning a new skill or renewing an old one
  • 10% achievable at home
  • 10% no monetary cost
  • 10% involve a series of steps or more than one task to complete (A -Z)
  • 10% physical basis ( actions )
  • 10% writing projects
  • 10% will be things I don't want to do ...but will do IYKWIM
  • 10% I want to do with/for my children
  • 10% things with my hubby
  • 10% things to watch /see\
  • 10% are whimsical one off things ( kiss in the rain, build a snowman, sleep under the stars, fly a kite, grow sunflowers )
Here are the top 1o things I don’t want to do:
  1. Don’t eat fast food for 2 weeks
  2. Don’t watch TV for a week
  3. Don’t swear for a week
  4. Don’t eat out for a month
  5. Don’t use internet for a week
  6. Don’t go on facebook for a week
  7. Don’t eat chocolate for a week (actually 101 days but I'm breaking it down into achievable segments LOL )
  8. Don’t speak a single word for a day (I may have to resort to anaesthesia or laryngitis)
  9. Don’t eat for 40 hours (ie World Vision 40 hr famine ...which I have done before)
  10. Don't drink alcohol for a week
If you are paying attention and doing the maths ...
It won't add up ...of course some will fit 2 or more categories
Overall I aim to achieve one challenge or piece of a challenge every 10 days.
It's like a puzzle where slowly it will all come together

So what’s your elephant?

When you know what it is ... how do you start?

1. Grab your cutlery: Tools, friends, whatever you think you may need for the job. If you don’t have the right ones, you’ll find out quickly and adjust as you go.

2. Choose a part you can reach. Tackle the easiest piece first. It will build confidence and you will gain expertise as you go.

3. Take your first bite. You may actually like it. (haven't tasted it yet ...)

4. Repeat #3 until finished.

When you see the elephant, commit to taking a single bite at a time.

“One day at a time.”

A friend recently told me all about swimming with elephants and riding one in Kuala Lumpa ....I won't be adding that to my list nor finding what one tastes like either

Some of my other challenges are

  • Update my CPR /First aid certificate
  • Roadtrip to Western Australia
  • Reach 101 blood/plasma donations ( I think I am at 46)
  • 101 randoms acts of kindness
  • Go to bed before 10pm every night for a week (this is very hard for me an ex nurse and longtime nightowl because I love to read or browse the internet now)
  • Spend only 101 dollars for a whole month
  • 31 photos in 31 days
  • 30 things in 30 days
  • Make a wish at 11:11 on November 11, 2011
  • Bake an Epic Rainbow Cake
  • ask 10 people to suggest their favourite book and read them all
  • Make a playlist of 101 of my favorite songs
  • Get a facial or pedicure
  • 10 candlelight dinners
  • Create a recipe book/folder for me
  • Go to an outdoor Concert
  • Take a picture for each letter of the alphabet
  • Build a blanket or teepee fort
  • Put away $10 for every goal completed (already started the account goal #1)
  • Run or walk a marathon
  • Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the Alphabet - including see 10 classic movies I've never seen or forgotten ;)
  • Wear a frock every Sunday in Frocktober
  • Grow giant sunflowers (I have before if I can find the seeds)

The biggest problem with anything BIG is starting.
If I look at the entire task, it will depress me before I even start.
I see it as no different to eating an elephant. (Not that I intend to add this to my 101 list)
I cannot contemplate eating it in one mouthful, I may never attempt it ...

However making the decision to do it one bite at a time, it does not even look like a BIG task at all.
So I'll relax sit 'back' , dig in and just realise that every mouthful is taking me nearer to my destination.
Ultimately I'll always have something to look forward too.
More on this and my 101 list later.

Also hand trunk holding with me on 101 things are Superrelish & Sarah. Tell me and I'll add you if you decide to join or are already eating your elephant.

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tiff(threeringcircus) said...

What a fantastic idea! I'd love to join in. Will have to give it some thought first though. I wish you luck on your new journey!

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

@Tiff -
I have been thinking about things when I lie awake or get woken ;) at night.
I forget them by morning though.
The criteria is simple and the list can be anything you want it to be.
I see it as a fun mission ...not mission impossible... to grow and enjoy life to it's fullest measure.
I don't plan on stretching myself too much ...hence the fair no. of 7 days lol.
I really some fun suggestions to consider.

Crazed Nitwit said...

Wow. Major changes. I like it. I am positive you can achieve any and all of the above.

I can help with the giant sunflower seeds if you can wait until all the seed packets are in stores around here in about March I think. I know that's bad timing season wise for you but you won't have to pay me a penny for them.

Love, hugs and prayers


Anonymous said...

wow..........great ideas there!!!!

Jayne said...

Loving those ideas, Trish :)

katef said...

I love these life lists... helps us focus a little when life gets crazy and we forget where we are heading!

I have a birthday list... 37 things to do before I turn 38. I did it last year too (only had 36 things on that list LOL) and I can't say I came even close to achieving it all but I did achieve some things that I never thought I would, mostly because the list reminded me that I wanted to!

Can't wait to see you progress with this!

~Jess said...

I have seen this 101 in 1001 days thing on a couple of blogs and I didn't realize it was this in depth as to what you do and how one comes up with their 101. GOOD FOR YOU! Go for it!

Smilie girl said...

This is very exciting. Lots of good things you have listed there on your list and I like the mix, that's it's not all about one thing.
Best wishes as you start out on it!

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