Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Strolling down memory lane

or de cluttering the filing cabinets at work *.

If you take a stroll down memory lane, they say you talk about the past or revisit places that were important to you in the past. It's a metaphor for memories of one's past life.
So what did I discover so far ...

I found business receipts & files dating back 16-17 years....

No excuses for not having thrown them out before maybe life's busyness or plain laziness LOL.
I delved deeper into the depths of the bottom drawer.

Invoices, receipts, insurance policies, tax returns and old bills and brochures.
Instructions for DH's lawnmower bought 1988 (still have it but it's a spare) and brochure of another from 1993 which we sold to my brother in 2000 and still goes.

The pile in the 80l sulo bin grew at an alarming rate as the second bottom was attacked ...
till ...

I stumbled on photographs of our first house we sold back in 1992.
It made me smile, & laugh out loud, as it took me way back down memory lane and a trip into our past.

A cardboard bookmark ...staff memento of the opening of Fairfield Hospital in 1989.
The church newsletter announcing our upcoming wedding.
Our first married phone bill 1990 when we got married and had the phone connected (...though I am wondering if we ever got our security bond back)
The funeral orders of service for my Grandfather & his wife (both passed away in 1992)
I found the itinerary & airline boarding passes to our holiday in July 17th 1994 (...the day after we got back we were given news of adoption of our now 17yr.)
Assorted ♥ love notes & cards ♥ ... awwww
An old personal diary of my nursing shifts in 1994 and other interesting but not worth mentioning stuff.

Then I hit the jackpot - a Superannuation statement for my husband from 2003 . It was a kind of misplaced, but not entirely forgotten, Superannuation account.
The Good news ...$28k
The Bad news we can only roll it over into his current fund and not touch it.

Interesting though was the empty file marked FANTASY.
It has the old wheels churning ...I wonder what I ever put in it or intended too.
I feel too young to be this old LOL.

P.S.: That's only the bottom 2 of filing cabinet #1 (= 4 drawers) , I still have top 2, plus #2 cabinet ( and cabinet #3 at home)

P.P.S : If you had asked me to look for any of those things I would have no chance of a) finding or b)remembering.

*We used to live at work [yes ;) well ... work from home] running our business from home so that is why the filing cabinets contained personal items.

So what do you have hoarded in your filing cabinets or drawers ?
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