Sunday, 22 November 2009

Weekly Winners 45 2009

Nov 15th - 21st
It is the get me to Ball formal edition this week. It was our Teen's Y10 formal this week. His highschool has about 228 y10 students and it was huge.
Many met before hand, in the local park, for photos and to show off their cars.There was another public highschool , whose formal was the same night, there too. OMG I have never seen so many vintage & classic cars and people in the park.

I am always telling him to pull up his dacks.
It was so hot 39 ° he wouldn't couldn't wear the black jacket even for a photo at home. I had rivers of sweat running down my back within minutes.
Parents were invited to attend the formal dinner dance , not the littles...we dropped them off on our way.

They came by ...

yes, it is was a hearse complete with a rear passenger

Chev Impala ( I love cars with chrome badges)

yes ...MR Toyota there is a drought but seriously ?

(I cropped the perv on the left)

I couldn't capture the sea of people ...most had started to leave.

I &hearts: the shiny blue Kenworth

Holden ute

56 Holden's pink

Mustang (because I looked)

Antique Firetruck ,my favourite ...

Don't ask me what all the cars are ... this one it's just a shiny red car to me lol

It was hot all week but we still made these Christmas shortbread as a practice run many are left ?

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