Sunday, 16 August 2009

Weekly Winners 33

August 9th - 15th
It's hard to believe it is still Winter in Sydney. It was a beautiful week....almost felt like going on a bear hunt

Looking forward to Spring

DH's Niece's new backyard

It's a steep climb up

will pose hug for smarties

mmm pink playdough sausage
even 16yrs old enjoy playdough but don't tell anyone k

Twins mean you always have a playmate

Weekly Winners is a meme to show off your favourite snaps of the week ,not a competition so anyone can join in the fun ...
Please go see more Weekly Winners @ Lotus's Lotus always has some breathtaking images.

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Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Awww, the hugging one is so sweet! <3

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Love the cute kid shots. Especially love the ones on the spinning toy.

Tara R. said...

Love the last two shots. So much fun and adorable models.

Smarties always worked well for me too.

Nik said...

I love playdough, too!! I love daisies as well. Cute shots!

Debbie said...

What great photos. Looks like everyone had a fun week.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Love the hugging one and the last two

Jeanette said...

Wish Spring would arrive here too! The kids are too cute

Anonymous said...

Fabulous always :)

Marilyn said...

Great pictures Trish.

I'm also LOVING this spring weather in winter! It makes me feel as though I'm coming to life again.

Amanda said...

It is such great weather!! I am finding it hard to stay inside and get work done!!!

Just answered your comment on Thanks for your support!!

C said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I'm gone from the blog world for a few weeks and all of a sudden, your boys are all grown up! I cannot believe how much they have grown! Sooooooooo cute!!

MissyBoo said...

I am envious that twins always have a playmate :)

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