Monday, 17 August 2009


For the want of nothing better to do . (Yes, I lie) Just a few crazy questions to answer for fun

Instructions are here

1. Last tuesday which was good friday we came to tell you something we know nothing about.
You were asked to pull up a chair and sit on the floor. What do you make of this?

I have toddlers it makes perfect sense.

2. The answer is YES...what is the question? DO you (I) want a free house cleaner ?
Their new book 'How to trash a room in under 3 Minutes'
Posted this especially for Kate and her The Perfectly Imperfect Life Challenge

YES ! Do you (I) want chocolate ?

3. The cops are banging on your door late at night. What are you thinking they are there for?
To ask why I didn't follow them on twitter and why did I tell every one they followed Hughesy & Kochie.

4. Children learn what they they say.. what would a child learn in your household??
Love is unconditional , the dust and the dishes can wait , chocolate makes everything better and you cannot live without your internet connection.

5. Tell us about 1 family ritual your family does every year.

6. What is the favorite food that you would eat everyday 3 times a day if you could?
Desserts ...Chocolate, cheese, cake, fruit , icecream are all desserts !

7. Tell us about your fantasy. You are not paying attention see #2 & #6 and scroll down to #8

8. You are stranded on a deserted Island. You have plenty of food, a person to keep you company, shelter and life seems stress free. what do you tell the rescue ship when it arrives.??
Where's the chocolate and wine ?
Did you remember my laptop and mobile broadband ?

Oh and where is the cleaner ?

Who wants to play ? !

PS The font choices are missing !

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