Saturday, 29 August 2009

Catching my breath

... , catching up and a confession.
Guilty !
Yes , my dear Internets it's been almost 5 days since my last post. So much has been going on here and I don't know where to begin.

Twitter perhaps is part of the reason (it's so addictive).
Lately, I have found I haven't had half the time I used to have ...does that make sense ?
Well, more in relation to computer time and since the housecleaner ran off with the pool boy (OK it was years ago and besides someone else is holding the cleaning fairy captive).

I have been feeling overwhelmed.Sorry, if I haven't been by to comment. I have been keeping up a little in my reader.

I finally got my appointment with the BAHA (Bone anchored hearing aid) surgeon in the big smoke city , coincidentally it was the same day as my husband's court date. Less < 5kms apart and 3 hrs earlier. So it worked for us.

I went alone though. DH stayed with car as parking was a 1hr zone and we didn't know if DR was going to be on time. (One parking area was full and the other was $16 for 2hrs and 7 mins last time).

The same day, on our way to find parking we witnessed an accident. It was 5secs after we drove past a sidestreet .The taxi behind us was t -boned (hit in the middle on passenger side of car ). It didn't look too bad , though the bumper bar of the driver in the wrong was on the road. We couldn't hang around to watch we were at the corner of a narrow street leading onto a busy city street. I was thankful it wasn't us.It would have been a disaster.

I digress ... I am tentatively booked for surgery on 22nd September ...unless I change my mind. I am anxious about other things too about my NF and the BAHA . The NF ...I won't go there.

The BAHA ... Is it worth the cost ? It is very expensive, though I have private health insurance the out of pocket expenses are considerable. I still haven't got all the quotes (the Surgeon's I got the very next day) .The Surgeon was a lovely man , gave me plenty of time to ask questions and didn't rush me in & out like some do. He is a specialist in his field .

Will I like it ? During surgery the hair follicles are removed with some of the underlying tissue.Hair growing right up to the abutment could lead to complications such as infection risk. It is not a large area, and supposedly isn't very noticeable.
I am just chicken.The thought of someone cutting into my skull and inserting a titanium screw into my head (I checked Frankenstein's bolt was lower in his neck) it worth it to hear better ?

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tiff(threeringcircus) said...

Hugs, it is a big decision.
Will be here to cheer you on however you decide.
22nd Sept - not long away.

Joh said...

Oh Trish, you are such a brave woman. I agree with Tiff, only you can decide, I am too afraid to even go to a doctor :-) I wish I knew someone who had experienced this to refer you to.

Thanks for your encouragement of me. You seem to be able to see through my vulnerable self and I appreciate your comments. X

Anonymous said...

you have had a lot to deal with hon....
It IS a big decision.Only you can deicde..write up the pros and cons....that often helps me...

I do know mum who was deaf(can't remember what she had but its when all the teeny bones inside your ear fuse together) who have loved to have had this kind of option.

hugs hugs hugs

Mum-me said...

The thought of someone cutting into my skull and inserting a titanium screw into my head...

... hey I'd be chicken too. Sounds like you've done a fair bit of research into it. Hope you can make a decision soon which you'll feel comfortable with.

katef - said...

Such a big decision... and it sucks when only you can make it.. would be nice for a little help on these things wouldn't it!
Whatever you decide I'm sure you'll find the right thing for you and you know we'll tweet you through it all, regardless!

jeanie said...

All I can say is good luck!!!

Sunny Road said...

Oh Trish, it's a hard decision to make. Wish I could offer an informed opinion but instead I can offer moral (and tweet) support with whatever you decide. Good luck xoxo

MissyBoo said...

Good luck with your decision making. I know you will choose the right option for you :) Hugs x

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