Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Do you jiggle or dangle ?

... do you even know what I am talking about everybodys jiggling, everybodys jiggling we love our Liptons jiggler tea its quality number 1

Aussies do you remember this ad ?

I won I won a Lipton tea pack , with a fantastic Tefal quick cup from the gorgeous Leigh who blogs at All for women ,Crazy meezer and That's Noice.

I tried it out and I love it already.It's prefect for me during the day.
I am forever boiling the kettle and forgetting, then re boiling ...oh maybe 2-3 times over 4 -5 times a day.Now at the press of a button I have a steaming hot cup of tea in 3 secs well not including jiggling time ;). It's instant not preheated.

DH is forever waiting for the kettle ...not any more that will save his energy and me waiting.
It's energy saving up 65% and is filtered water too.
I also won some beautiful sunny yellow Maxwell & Williams mugs and some Lipton tea.

It is also safer when you have toddlers around who might grab a kettle with hot water still in it.
Tefal quick cup can also give filtered water (@room temperature).
Thanks Leigh and Lipton for my prize.

Right now, 50% of Lipton Black and Lipton Yellow Label sold in Australia comes from Rainforest Alliance certified farms.Lipton aims to achieve full certification by 2015. It's the first tea in Australia to receive certification.

To win I had to share my favourite tips for being a “little greener at home”... It's worth reading all the submissions on All for women blog.
What little things do you do at home to be a good global neighbour?
Ps I'm a jiggler ! Come have a cup of me with me ...and Leigh when she organises the next blog meetup ...
I love this ad too

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Blossom said...

wohoooo!!!! who is a lucky duck then????well done!!

enjoy it won't you??


h&b said...

Yay you !! :D

Super Sarah said...

I had to watch to learn whether I was a jiggler or a dangler! I had NO IDEA what you were talking about! I will definitely join you for a jiggle!

Amanda said...

I've never heard of this before....interesting. And great for you and your family!

Melody said...

Lucky you!!

I have gone right off Lipton's tea - haven't had it for years. My current tea is 'PG Tips', a tea from the UK with pyramid shaped bags - nice and strong - just the way I like it!

Michelle said...

Well done on a great prize! I am definitely a dangler... I usually am doing about 10 things at once in the kitchen so I tend to leave my teabag just a'hanging 'til I'm ready for it. I do boil the kettle needlessly a lot during the day though. It is a great idea!
I too have gone of Liptons... traditional English Breakfast for me. Time for a cuppa now! :-)

jeanie said...


I am a dangler myself, and always buy Dilmah - I feel the letters in the box are addressed to me and I am working with a BIG family on tea perfection.

Billy said...

Congratulations for winning! That's a cool prize!

Kristin said...

What a great prize. I don't drink tea often enough to make it worthwhile for me but that is very cool.


Katie said...

Congrats! Very cool!!!

Lisa RM said...


MAJ Bryen said...

I think the tea pot sounds great! Best wishes & happy ICLW!

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