Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Tiny talk Tuesday

I am loving age 2 . The language explosion is so much fun.

I wish I could remember to write down all the funny things they say ...let alone do (and did I mention how glad I am to have my camera back so I can take pictures).

I am a fan of Tiny talk Tuesday .Today I finally remembered I have something to add.
A few weeks ago I asked the twins to pick up the blocks spread across their bedroom floor.

J (age 2 & 3/4) : "No, you do it I got sore bad - ow "

...complete with a flick of one hand and the other hand on his lower back .
(previously showing no signs what so ever LOL)

My Darling hubby started calling him 'Compo' (the colloquial term for someone getting 'compensation' particualrly when alleged to be 'faking' e.g. a sore back to get out of working whilst still getting paid)

PS : I also won a competition on Facebook for it ...$30 voucher to an online store - woohoo!

Tiny Talk Tuesday helps parents focus on one of the many joys of parenting - the funny things that our little ones (and sometimes big ones) have to say.

Join in the fun and record the Tiny Talk overheard in your house! Publish a post on your blog and link us to the laughs.

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