Sunday, 26 April 2009

Weekly Winners 17 2009

April 19th - 25th edition 17

(Echidna from last week at the Zoo)

Last Sunday we went to R's party and she had a petting zoo with pony rides -whoa !
Are you talking to me ?

Tuesday we went to the Royal Easter Show
The old Chair ride ...

I wonder if facebook would find this obscene or this ...

Just their cup of tea

A few hundred of these made this ...

One of the District exhibits that take a week to design and put together -
very inspirational

'Toddler' Drink driving ...

What I didn't get pictures of ...
  • the rain pouring down ...well except where it started here
  • The Polo game played in pouring rain and puddles ...rivers of mud.
  • The Xtreme car/bike show - rain & showground was so bad they had to cancel it
  • The indoor baby animal nursery (so cute I feel bad for eating them ).
  • The exhibitors selling everything you "don't" might need
  • All the things I taste tested (mmm).
  • The showbags (we only got $5 Freddo ones)
  • The laughter, the joy and the smiles on the kids faces
  • The 'vomiting' twin 2 did - twice ( not because of the rides or the food he was a little of colour the night before we went ...we thought he was okay so we got to the show about 1pm)
  • The view from the Huge Ferris Wheel

  • The Fireworks Finale ...well good ones
  • Running in rain back to the car ...holding the umbrella,while DH pushed the loaded twin stroller
Thursday I didn't get photos ...
  • *sob* Of the blog meet at Balmoral Beach - you 'll have to go visit Guera, Fe, Tiff or M
  • The washing we did after Twin 1 took his turn, for the worse, and got the same vomiting bug 2 days later (& worse)
I wish every week was this exciting ...
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