Sunday, 1 March 2009

Weekly Winners 9 2009

February 22nd - 28th edition 9
It’s the farm edition of WW, hosted by Lotus.
We got to spend three days at the farm in mid western NSW.It was a welcome and much needed break.

Old but still puts in a hard day's work ploughing paddocks for a new crop.

New Tractor Time

Align CenterMe, my Dad & the Yamaha ha

Not quite a Yahama ...yet ..
Daddy !!

Sad on the Sidelines

Happy at last


Dusty boots & Dozer

Construction Cousins

Dusty feet foot ...can wait to get back on his two feet (2 weeks to go)

Motor Bike Dreaming

Late night ...early riser yawn zzzzzzzzz

Please ! my turn next ?

Bull ..y - tried to chase us

Saturday night
I had more but I that is enough for tonight ...
I had limited ,to none, Internet access. I had a post drafted for Saturday but my notebook battery died at McDonalds just as I putting the finishing touches up. Oh well ...

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