Sunday, 29 March 2009

Weekly Winners 13 2009

uh oh ...I just realised blogger ate my post and my weekly winner photos ...

Mistake #1 - It was late and I never checked if it actually published .We had a power outage at some stage when I was half way through uploading. It only saved the title.

*sob* and then I restarted, uploaded and published. It only had the original title . I feel such a d o p e ! I remember getting the error message connection to the server has timed out blah blah ...on another page was trying to comment on. I hate malfunctions was my lucky #13 2009 WW post.cue ...for freaky music (if only it was that easy) Here are but a few... it takes me so long.

March 22nd - 28th edition 13

WW is hosted by Lotus.


Misty (foggy) mornings are here

Buried treasure (lost ?)

Rainbow hands (artwork from the Kid's Hospital)



One more (smile) for the road ...

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I love the artwork from the children's hospital. Your boys are too cute.

Jenn said...

Love the sunrise pic - so pretty!

M+B said...

Beautiful photos! As well as loving your gorgeous boys, I think my favourite is the sunrise!

Anonymous said...

Don't you lust love (not) computer upload glitches? Nothing worse than losing all that work!

Lilly said...

Computers Arghhh! Trish your babies are growing up so much. They are gorgeous little boys. Love your pictures, you have a real eye for photogrpahy.

Mel : ) said...

i havent been by for ages (had a bit of a break from blogging) - i cant believe how big your boys have gotten! they are sooo cute! :D

stan said...

the handprint painting is beautiful. The kid's smiles made my day!

Laura said...

I loved the rainbow artwork...such a great idea! I'll put that in the back of my brain for a rainy day activity :)

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