Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Wordless Wednesday - my favourite toy

Why I loved this toy ...
We got two of these Bouncing Baby playplaces when the twins were about 4-5 months old. We used money that was gifted to them for their Christening.

At first they were so little and just batted the EIGHT different toys within reach.Later they would happily sit play with all the activities for more than 10-15 minutes at a time unlike any other of their toys. It was good for them sitting too.

  • pop dog house - grip & crinkle flower patch - click clack car - Bouncing action - drop and play slide - fun time sea saw - three ring teether - spin and rattle swing set - musical play house - flexible teethers - twirling play pal
  • Bouncing legs that adjusted to three -level height adjustment to grow with baby.
  • Machine washable padded seat with 360-degree rotation. (the washable seat was a godsend with nappy blowouts LOL)
  • Top tray joins with bottom and converts to a floor play set as baby grows.
  • Clicking car unlocks to roll around the play set.
  • Accommodates baby up to four years of age.
It was so precious to me to have that time to get things done and not feel guilty I was leaving them to cry ... they loved it. I could breastfeed or nappy change one twin at a time knowing his brother could see us and was happy & safe. Unlike a babywalker it didn't move.

I loved the peace save for the giggles and squeaks and click clack of them at play. They spent hours playing with it - in short bursts each day. When they became mobile they crawled through it , pulled up on it , used it to walk from one thing to another and of course pushed it across the room. Once they could climb in and out...and stand on top - it was time to say goodbye.

I sold one when around their 1st birthday because we had no room left and they had so many new more interesting toys.

Later I sold the second one though it did convert to a figure 8 car track for toddlers (the idea being able to still use it in between the next child) but I knew I had no future use...and I sold them for almost what I bought them for on sale.

At a recent church fete I found another one minus the orange adjustable legs. $5 bargain so I bought it. The boys still enjoy it as car track now.

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