Tuesday, 16 December 2008

What is the best drop of red

I am partial to a good red ...just like the best of us.Here are my favourite reds.

1. Splash !, 2. Gimme Your Blood! (91/365), 3. Pour me some wine please!, 4. Blood Bag, In "NO FLASH ALLOWED!" Conditioning

Today I saved three lives ... or my blood donation will in the coming days/months. I wanted to share some information on what I value in my life donating blood.

Do something special today and give blood - take this
quiz if you are Australian to find out if you are eligible.

how is your blood used

Other blood components including plasma and platelets are also
vital. Plasma is used in bleeding patients, for children and adults with immune
disorders, and to prevent some complications of pregnancy. Platelets are used to
manage bleeding in surgical patients and cancer, including leukaemia.

When you consider that blood components have a shelf life; up to five
days for platelets, 42 days for red cells and up to one year for plasma - its
easy to understand why the need for blood is constant

My Dad (RIP~2005) required many blood /platelet transfusions throughout his battle with Leukemia. There are so many products made from blood and plasma.One of them IVIG helps children with immune deficiencies like Ivy to stay well.

IVIG contains the pooled IgG immunoglobulins (antibodies) extracted from the plasma of over one thousand blood donors.(read more on wikipedia)

Today I gave 470mls of whole blood. In a month's time I will go for my first plasma donation. It takes longer but the red cells are returned and just the plasma is used instead. You can donate plasma more frequently.

Do you donate blood?
So what are you waiting for - won't you 'Drop some red' ...
I am very thankful for the
Australian Red Cross Bood Service... though I 'd rather never to need it.
UPDATE : I just discovered 2009 is the Year of the Blood Donor and 2009 marks 80 years of blood services in Australia.
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