Thursday, 11 December 2008

Marmite & Tea anyone

My ornament swap arrived at Marmite and Tea.

She is having a white Christmas by the sounds of it ... go see the ornament I sent her and her beautiful tree.

Did you see the ornaments I got Tuesday {see below} from Louisa @ A Canadian in Manchester. Lucky they are unbreakable ... I put two more ornaments on the tree today and Santa is now 'broke' n (less than an hour later) or a piece of his sleigh *sigh* ... where can I buy an industrial size tub of superglue.

S & J love the Chris 'mess' tree.

My pictures &some content are still being copied - I wonder if he will copy and post this
My sincere apologies to any Cane toad lovers ...I will delete this shortly.

By the way ...another lovely Louisa @ Life as we know it has a competition ... to win a $50 Urban Child voucher.


Le @ third on the right and cold peas said...

hello dear one - leave the toad up - it is a very adequate visual insult ... how is google going with this .... le xox

Trish said...

It was still there yesterday.

Jayne said...

Love the toad - but I can't stand the slimey critters. Leave the pic up.
What's happening with Google and the thief?

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Sooo RUDE! People shouldn't steal your stuff! Love the cane toad heehee! Also, I liked thee idea of an ornament exchange! Count me in for next year. Maybe I'll organize one. Remind me if I forget haha! Your snowman you sent was very nice :)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

OH, what a shame - he is still at it. What a creep!

PlanningQueen said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Hope it is sorted soon. And very sorry to hear about the kittens.

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