Friday, 19 December 2008

Are you ready ?

Is it just me - I am so not ready - are you ? I was trying to be more organised this year. F A I L !

I have sent only one card and that was to my secret ornament swap person. 

I meant to send cards this year - last year I was ever so busy chasing two little monsters my tail I can't remember sending any or even writing ones to hand out.  I barely managed buying the gifts.

In Dec 2006 I was overwhelmed with a hospital stay and tests for J when he was diagnosed with urinary reflux , still in a Pavlic harness for his congenital hip dysplasia, then when he started to breast feed @ 5 months.I was still pumping and breastfeeding both twins.  

A little while ago I read about Miscellaneous Mum's

I thought it would suit me perfectly but I didn't get around to it ...yet

Though I am so envious of people who make their own cards with a gazillion pictures of adorable kids and write fabulous letters of what their gorgeous children have been up to. I am no such a wordsmith and there is only so much mischief, mayhem, and muddling along you can pen. Though I do have plenty of cute photos.

I am planning ...on making an e-card featuring the three brothers. I will also send them out and those who want to can print it. 

I will put the 'postage' and a bit extra to the charities I supported Christmas 2007 - with these unique Christmas gifts.

The list may be a bit different this year. I still believe in Santa spreading my money around a few different groups. Though our budget is tighter this year I will also put a donation towards Karen @ Miscellaneous Mum's Oxfam unwrapped fundraiser for a Buffalo.

I think these Acts of random kindness can do more good than a $20 - 30 'gift' bought in a rush to be opened, eaten or if inedible often stuffed in a cupboard.

Though our gifts are given and received in love more often it is what is expected rather honestly needed.I want to give something truly meaningful - gifts of life ... with these special gifts we can celebrate the real meaning of Christmas and help some of the world's most vulnerable people.

To help them overcome a little of their poverty , take control of their future and make a practical response to global inequity.These are families just like us who every day truly struggle to live even a basic life, surviving on less than a $1 a day.

Gifts of life potentially last much longer and their magic has the power to last for years the Buffalo bank.

As a Christian I want my children to understand Christmas is about giving not just receiving.


M+B said...

The christmas cards are sitting on my table... unwritten

Lilly's Life said...
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Lilly's Life said...

I am the same too I just cant seem to get into the whole Christmas spirit this year - there is still are so right about the giving element of it though - thanks for the reminder Trish. Have a wonderful Christmas with all your boys!!!

Trish said...

@Lani - maybe send ecards instead ;)

@ Lilly - thanks Lilly and I hope you and yur family have a wonderful Christmas too.

The Bumbles said...

Hi there - glad you enjoyed reading about Mr. Commando in my Gym Rats post. You asked about a widget at the bottom of my blog - are you referring to the list of bloggers? If so, it is the Blog List gadget on Blogger. Rather than the typical Blog Roll listing just the blog name, I elected to check off the option to display a blurb of everyone's most recent post. I go and add links to anyone who stops by to leave us a note - it is a nice way for me to easily keep tabs on what everyone is up to.

Louisa said...

I like the ecard going to have to think it through. I sent close to 100 Christmas Cards each year and only get about 15!! But people appreciate that I send them...maybe next year I will write them cards but hand deliver them to people when I am seeing them rather than using the postage and the fuel. Will have to give it some thought...more than can be contained in a comment here. Merry Christmas Trish!!

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