Sunday, 14 September 2008

Weekly Winners

September 7th - 13th
It has been a while since I have had time to join in Weekly Winners
Lotus @ Sarcastic Mom is the host of Weekly Winners please go visit others.I took most of these on the farm last weekend and Monday.

I wonder if this is one of their calves
or this one on the right
or even this Cutie
This is a newborn having their first nurse !

Follow Me ..

You can see the cows from here

Every which way and foot loose

Beware of Barbed wire !

Homeward bound after a few adventures

'Womb' mates

My favourite time of day ... bedtime !


Veronica said...

Oh Trish! That cow is feeding it's baby! I swear I saw a half inch of udder. How completely indecent!

Tsk tsk. Apparently things like that shouldn't be allowed. (am curious, are the boys still nursing? I miss it still)

I love all the photos, but the final one is the best.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Those are great! I love follow me and womb mates

Rebecca said...

It's good to see you! :)

The boys are cute as ever.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the shots of the boys! Lovely!

ya ya's mom said...

OMG! I'm a twin and my twinny calls me her "womb mate" at well. Love your shots, what cuties you have!!! Thanks for sharing them.

Jeanette said...

Love the last one, it's too cute!
Looks like they had an absolute ball!

M+B said...

Gorgeous photos, Trish. I love the last one

Mishelle Lane said...

Sweet adorableness, always!! <3

connie said...

Welcome back :) This is a great set this week! My faves are follow me & the hide, seek & found ones! TOO precious!

maggie's mind said...

Aw, these are all just so stinkin' sweet and cute! Glad you are back.

The Mom said...

Love those shots! Happy WW!

Rose said...

That last picture is adorable. Do they always sleep together like that? How can you stand the cuteness?
Great shots full of life and memories. Nicely done!

texasholly said...

It is so funny that the other side of the world can look so much like home.

We were thinking alike this week. Your last photo and mine are almost identical except for one boy...

Colleen said...

That first shot of the two little guys running down the lane is PERFECT! Great shots - looks like you had a fun day!

tiff said...

I love womb mates.

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

I love "Follow Me." They are such an adorable pair!!

Karen of the MomDot Street Team

Joh said...

I love cows and calves. They are nearly as beautiful as your babies. Thanks for the photos.

Rebecca - I'm a Canon girl! said...

Love the photos of your twins together, looks like they are best buddies!!
I think my fav is them asleep together :)

katef - said...

gorgeous photos... love the two sharing the bed!

baby~amore' said...

@Veronica – yes I love them sleeping LOL and yes we are still nursing but not in the daytime. Much to their disappointment.
@ComfyMom~Stacey-thank you
@Rebecca –thank you
@ laurakim123 –thank you
@ ya ya's mom- that is cute – I hope my boys stay best of friends
@Jeanette – they did have a ball.
@M+B –thanks
@Mishelle Lane –thank you
@ connie- aww thank you .I missed WW so much.
@maggie's mind –thnak you too Maggie I have missed seeing all of my favourites...just so little time and so many great photos
@The Mom –thank you.
@Rose – thye love sleeping together (they used to sleep in our bed – gald it worked out better this way LOL … I miss the snuggling not the kicking.
@texasholly – LOL I saw your boys too . Yes , I love it that we are all enjoying the same laughs.
@Colleen –thanks I had to be quick to capture them LOL ..
@tiff – yes that was a chance photo –went to check on them
@Karen of Sillymonkeez –thanks Karen..
@Joh – I loved the wee calves and we even got to pat one. Still not enough to turn me into a herbivore ...yet.
@Rebecca - hehe my favourite too.It is bliss when they sleep.
@Kate - yes it cute and it does melt my heart to see them like to be close to each other.

Donna said...

I love the fact that they both sleep with their hands by their heads in the carseat! They are decidedly adorable!!!

Lilly's Life said...

Oh how cute are those gorgeous boys. Excellent photos Trish. They would make a great calendar. I have a bit of a thing for cows and a post about them on my blog too. Maybe you started me in this direction I dont know.....

Amanda said...

Darling! They are such cuties.

Thank you for your sweet and supportive words.

alicia said...

awww they are just soooooo cute!

Sam (The Edge Of Insanity) said...

Great pictures, I love the shy one, it's awesome! Your boys are adorable!

jeanie said...

Oh aren't they gorgeous!!!

C said...

Oh my goodness! What fantastic photos! The calves are adorable and your boys are the cutest!!

I think I mentioned to you that my brother and his wife are having their 2nd AND 3rd (yes, TWINS!) babies two weeks after our baby is due! My parents are going to be busy grandparents, eh? LOL! My brother and his wife's 1st baby won't even be 2 yrs old when the twins arrive!

The reason I mention this is because that last photo of S and J is so precious! It reminded me of one of the ultrasound photos my SIL e-mailed me of the twins. They were in her womb in that very position! LOL! Too cute!!

picturing said...

nice series of your twins photo...

Please stop by also at my WW post : in HERE or HERE Thanks

Tiff said...

What great photos! I bet they had a blast. No wonder they were tired!

PlanningQueen said...

They are such beautiful photos of your boys sleeping. They must be such great pals.

Tena said...

what great pictures, looks like they had a blast and tired themselves out!

Widdle Shamrock said...

Awwww, get me all gooey, why don't you ??? lol

My fav is womb mates.

Oh heck, I love them all !!!!

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