Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Tidbits and Treasures

So where do I begin ...

I have found so many tidbits and treasures these last few weeks

...warning some of these next posts may cause hunger pangs and the urge to suddenly rush to the fridge or pantry and get off your b u t t exercise .

This cookie recipe I found @ Rah sounds divine... nom ...nom...nom... says the cookie monster. The pictures got me drooling.

These black and white cookies too.

I know it is early but I also found these cute cookies at A Juggling mum's Christmas creativity site ...
Rachel hasn't started posting again for 2008 yet but go check the cookies anyway. Start practising.

“Remember you are too blessed to be stressed”

and if you are go relax with Carole @ the Rejuvenation Healthy living lounge and maybe make this yoga eye pillow. This is a new find and I love the advice and tips. especially how to get a better nights sleep.

Want a new way to show off your Baby photos - and a great idea for a building birthday memories with an annual birthday photo series ... not just for twins.Pity I have missed the first two years of my twins series ... Polliwogged has so many fantastic ideas.


I found a new blog through Tina @Mummifiedx5 called Where the blog are you ? A fresh new look at Aussie blogs both here and expats. They feature a new blog every day.Tina is the second featured blog. She is one mummy Aussie mummy.

Louisa @ Where the blog are you has a fabulous competition running ... there are so many cool prizes to win.

The first featured blog by Carly is very close to my heart . It is also about grief and loss and parenting after losing a precious baby. Carly writes beautifully about losing her son, Christian .

Carly also has a site called To Write their Names in the sand ...a Children's seashore of names where they write the names of angels in the sand and take a photo with gorgeous sunsets . I did this on Charlotte's 1st anniversary and a few times now but it is nowhere near as beautiful as their photos are. The music on the site is so serene too.

I saw this on their site.

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