Friday, 11 July 2008

Thankful Flickr Friday - extra news

There is no Flickr Friday today but I still did a small one because ...I saw Leigh at Crazy Meezer has started the Bloggest Loser Challenge.*see credits below
  • The Challenge started on 7th July - I hope it isn't too late ...
Rules are easy, weigh in will be on Sundays, so the first week is a bit of a warm up, so you can jump in when you can. The challenge will run for 12 weeks, starting tomorrow, the 7th July.
To join in, just make a post about the challenge and leave a comment and I will link to you from the challenge page (work in progress) In your post let us know your goals for the challenge and how you hope to achieve them. You don’t have to reveal how much you weigh if you don’t want to…just how much you wish to lose and your loss each week
  • I have enjoyed being able to eat a lot while breastfeeding my gorgeous little milk monsters (it will come to an end one day) . I have a wider bottom half than my top half so I am keen to tone up and lose a few kilos ... because my jeans are too tight the weight is slowly creeping on. I am joining in to be encouraged and give encouragement too.
  • I want to reduce a few cms off my calves (?) and thighs too. Mainly, want to get fit.I plan to continue riding my exercise bike , reduce my chocolate/sweet white cr@p and chips intake and eat more vegetables.I will ride my exercise bike and walk a few times a week (pending the weather).
What do you have to lose ?

52 Blessings to be Grateful ... TWO A new birth S

  • My friend T's little Kai, was born today safe and well . He is the cutest little guy born @37 weeks and weighing in at 3kgs or so . I saw him when he was barely two hours old. A VB with no drugs ...but the gas . I saw T in the midst of a contraction 5 mins before K was born and she almost ripped the mattress apart. I knew she was close.
  • T's daughter ~Charlie~ was stillborn 3 years on 9th July 2 days ago was the anniversary. T was in hospital ready - as in moments - to have c/section and they found there was no heartbeat. The c/s was canceled and C was born sleeping the next day a VB so as not to cause scarring for future pregnancies. They say it better that way emotionally too ... as if there is a no better way to give birth to a dead baby.
  • T & I met later at a pregnancy loss support group.Today at our support group there were 5 of us (& social worker) ...4 of us having given birth to living children after our first babies died during pregnancy.There was a little girl 2 weeks old and a boy 6 months old present.
  • We were all teary talking about what it meant to go through a subsequent pregnancy after the loss of a baby and our hospital experiences. 3 of us had our 2nd (3rd) babies earlier than planned by emergency c/s due to various complications .
  • The 5th mum's little boy died 3.5 years ago and she is now 29.5 wks pregnant - hanging in there by a thread ( she has a stitch in her cervix) with a precious little girl. At her baby shower on Sunday she had us in tears saying how this baby girl is a long time coming and we all knew what she meant. A day she never thought she would see ...she is in our prayers.
  • T also has a little boy 22 months old so we were pregnant together for a while in 2006 and our little guys attend playgroup together. I am just so glad Kai is here safe. We all are.

Sat morning Update :
  • Another friend C, from my pregnancy loss support group delivered Hamish this morning after a quick labour -she is even in the same hospital as T. Thank God for another safe arrival.
Apologies if the formatting was lost when you read this something in Blogger in draft completely stuffed all formatting.It has taken me 1.5hrs to fix this and still didn't work till I used bullet points. I still have no idea why - I can't see or find the HTML code causing the error.
*1. Tape Measure, 2. Diet, 3. scales don´t lie, 4. Lost: Weight(not my photos LOL my feet are ugly)
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