Saturday, 28 June 2008

Smiley Saturday

More days of wonder and excitement this week.I know I have so many reasons to smile as 'corny' as it sounds.

Today, we went to a Kidzfest at a nearby church on a few acres. They had lots of free activities for kids and luckily we saw the sign and it reminded me. As we had headed out shopping for the party so I made a quick detour.

I had attended the church a few times only mainly because a friend of mine went to church there and also lived in the old house there for years. I knew only a handful of people through my friend. She moved 3 years ago ~ 6 hrs away (She rarely comes back to Sydney sadly).

So , I was very surprised to be recognised by two different ladies and also a young guy.One lady , I barely knew and yet she remembered I was Moira's friend and my name.

The other got a shock to see S & J too.

I saw a young man whom I hadn't seen for maybe 7-8 years or more - he must be about 20 now. I recognised him as he looks so much like his father. I asked him about his mother, Jane who I was also friends with because of playgroup with the Teen man and Moira, and his younger siblings. I stated who I was and he said he knew. I missed seeing Jane .I hope he mentions it to her.

I do miss Moira and her 4 'feral' boys .I smiled remembering the good times we had with our kids and Girls' nights out (or in). We had many a laugh and shared a lot of good times.

I have decided now, next week, I will give her a ring and see when we can catch up. I know that maybe her sons weren't as feral as I thought at the time ... it was my limited exposure to one boy (The Teen man) and when you multiply it by 4 boys - 24/7 you have chaos. They were still a little wild and broke everything but such happy kids. No wonder her house was never clean.

My little boys had their first ride on 'Shetland' ponies and S especially loved it. They love their rocking horses too. J was a bit preoccupied with the Smarties in his hand and mouth.

They had a go at 'fishing' ... hooking a toy turtle and got a prize (Smarties) which made them smile.

Another thing that has made me smile this week is kisses from my little men ... in between nursing they take turns to stop and reach up to kiss me or tickle noses about 20 times . It takes so much longer but I treasure these moments. Ones I thought I would never enjoy.

I am also smiling because I have an idea for their cake... just hope it works.I'd best be off I have lots of things to do before bed .

Enjoy your Sunday ...we will because it's Party Day. See more Smiley Saturdays over at Lightenings Online.

I wish I'd had my camera today though.*sigh*

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Bettina said...

sounds like a lovely day!!

enjoy the party tomorrow :)

Jayne said...

Have a fun time tomorrow :)
That's a great Smiley list ;)

Anonymous said...

What a great day! Good luck with the party!

Tracye Dukes said...

Lots of things going on to make you smile!! That's wonderful... and your boys are just beautiful!!
Happy day to you!

Eve Redstone said...

The comment about the feral boys made me laugh.

I have three boys and a girl and the boys could definitely be called feral on a bad day. Feral but happy!

storyteller said...

Lots of lovely things to smile about in this week’s post! Thanks for sharing, and enjoy the remainder of the weekend.
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely day.

I'm smiling just reading about it.

jen said...

i totally agree that the nursing sessions take a little longer, but...i too, love to get those little smiles with milk dribbles.
they are the best.

Alison said...

Great reasons to smile :)
Have a fabulous day!

Widdle Shamrock said...

Awww, that's lovely.

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