Friday, 13 June 2008

Flickr Friday -Hands

Flickr photo credits
1. Hold Fast.........., 2. Heart the Sunset, 3. Palma da Luz | Palm Of Light, 4. Trying, 5. keyboard ~ blur, 6. A bunch of banana on my big palm, 7. we need more of it., 8. my cool glasses, 9. Little Hands

Kate's new blog- Lazy Cow designs hosts Flickr Friday come and join in too.

I used compfight and big huge labs to make my mosaic - I am in love with mosiacs since my mosiac meme post the other day ... Barb did one too.

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katef - said...

oh this is awesome.. I LOVE the banana image! And I love the mosaic thing too!!

Bettina said...

very cool mosaic!!

Leigh said...

Ohhh..I LURVE this. Some fab pics.

Love the idea of flickr friday, will have to give it a go too.

Joh said...

Hands are one of my favourite body parts. I always notice people's hands. I love them. They are useful too:-) Great mosaic.

Jenn said...

Love this! You picked great pictures - I really like them all. Maybe I'll try to do this today, too.

Barbara said...

I love your pics Trish! This is so much fun - I really enjoyed doing the mosaic meme the other day so I jumped at the chance to do this one as well :)

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

I love this, these are great pictures. The hand is a beautiful and USEFUL appendage indeed!!

I've been thinking of migrating over to Flickr. If you don't mind the question (and have some time to respond): What would you say are the advantages of Flickr over other photo hosting websites? People are raving over Flickr and I'm not entirely sure why...?

Rebecca said...

Very pretty! I love that.

C said...

Ooooooooooh! I love the idea of doing mosaics! I'm going to have to try my hand at this!

Trish, you just seem to get me to do whatever you suggest! LOL!

Have a lovely weekend!

Lady in Red said...

Those are great pictures, Trish... This meme idea is great too...

I actually use Picasa to make similar collage from my own pictures on hard drive :)

Have a great weekend!

Amanda said...

Love love love your collage. It is beautiful.

baby~amore' said...

@ Katef yes hand with 'hand' of bananas .I love mosaics !!

@Bettina : maybe you could do a Hot hunk mosaic ;)

@Leigh : it was fun choosing like picking lollies in the candy store with the kjs

@Joh: yes hands are the touch of humanity the first thing we connect with

@Jenn : thanks - great I come by and see how you went

@ Barbara: I loved yours too

@ Jen4 @ Amazing Trips: I have found free flickr easy to use and because you can group in sub sets. I haven't tried many others to be honest. People can leave comments if you make your images public and you can share them. Photobucket I didn't like as much.
I really enjoy most Flickr hosting of everyones images to browse and spent a lazy few hours admiring

@ Rebecca :thank you

@ C : it was so much fun -go on you know you really want to do this.Hope you have a good weekend too

@Lady in Red : Kate is very creative and this is the first flikcr friday. I will have to try Picasa - though I know I can upload my pictures to flickr and use them from there too. Hope you have a great weekend too

@Amanda :thank you I really did enjoy doing this. It is so simple. Pick , click and paste.

Chris said...

Very cool! I ha not seen ths tool or site before but plan to check it out immediately. Thanks for the heads up on it. You have captured some really great images here!

baby~amore' said...

@Chris - it really is great tool and fun.

Lilly's Life said...

Trish - wow - thanks for the heads up on big labs and I am now addicted to mosaics as well! I did one on my blog called mixed emotions. Now I am keen to take photos myself of loads of things. Thansk for the inpsiration - you always have such diverse and interesting things on your blog. Kudos to you! And thanks for the mention too!

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