Thursday, 26 June 2008

If nobody is watching ...

5 Things I like to do when nobody's watching:

1. Lick MY plate clean
2. Dance in my house or while watching playschool (I do rarely dance in public).
3. Steal three an extra cookie.
4. Eat something that's dropped on the floor (my floor,ONLY - 5 minute sec rule the boys waste so much food)
5. Scratch head or anywhere -if you scratch in public people think you have critters LOL

What do you do if nobody can see you?

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Alison said...

The main thing I like doing when my kids aren't watching is eat chocolate!
Lol @ 5 minute rule.. I wish I had that long to rescue my food - we have 3 pooches that can hear a crumb hitting the floor from miles away!

Jayne said...

LMAO I lick my plate clean, too!
We've got the 5 second rule here although it's a race between myself and the canine garbage guts :P

baby~amore' said...

@Alison : if the cat is not on the roof I have a good chance too.Chocolate here too LOL.

@Jayne: yes , some much goodness left behind and makes for a cleaner wash.
Our dog loves summer when we eat outside - he gets it quick smart.

Kim said...

lol Trish
I can understand you licking the ice cream bowl :) ;)
surely not the dinner plate !!
my son does that a lot...especially spag bolognaise :)
I'm into the chocolate...marshmallows and the odd scotch when no ones looking..*evil smilie*

baby~amore' said...

@ Kim : okay my dinner plate not so much [anymore;)] but I use my finger or bread to wipe it clean... I hardly get a moment when no one is watching now LOL Monkey see monkey do x two

I forgot about marshmallows ...mmmm

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Sing as loud and out of tune as possible!

Swistle said...

Ha! Just yesterday I licked a bowl that had had melted chocolate chips in it!

The Blogger comment system makes me ker-razy too. It's a reason I've been considering Wordpress: so much easier to find people.

Still Standing Strong in A Bloom of Hope. said...

LOL!!! Smiling now at Lick my plate clean!

I lick my plate too!


Jenn said...

LOL! I steal an extra cookie or two, too. I won't tell if you don't tell. ;)

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

That is so funny! I can't remember ever licking my plate, I may have to try that. But I love to have my head scratched, especially if I've worn a hat all day!

Sandy C. said...

ROFL! What a great idea for a post :)

I'm a total scratcher and occasional booger picker *hangs head in shame*

womb for improvement said...

Obviously lick the plate. And eat the little crispy, burnt bits from the roasting tin.

tiff said...

When no one is looking?
I like to hang over the open door of the fridge and nibble at things.

Also, swiging from the milk bottle is a hot fave...shhhh.

Crazed Mom said...

Exactly the type of person I pictured you to be. HUGS!!!!!!!!!

River said...

I also dance when I'm alone in the house, (carefully so that I don't put my back out more than it usually is)and if the neighbours aren't home I'll sing too.

baby~amore' said...

@xbox: is that because you were a choir boy as a lad?

@Swistle : I know I am still thinking of Wordpress -unless Amanda @bloggerbuster has a new hack soon

@Still Standing Strong in A Bloom of Hope: glad I am not the only one LOL who will admit it too.

@Jenn -shhh you just told all of us.

@Amy : you don't know what you are missing.I love someone scratching my head doing it myself doesn't feel the same.

@Sandy : shhh I know others in this club SBPC

@womb for improvement: oh - did you se me do that too *grins* I forgot.

@Tiff: yep I do that too - nibble at whatever I can from behind the fridge door. I only swig the last of the milk .
LOL - next time I come visit I will be checking for lippy on the rim before you make my cuppa.

@Janice: what's your secret ?
;)thank you Hugs to you

@River:oh I would love to see River Dance ;) - I can't sing either so i do when I am alone.

thanks for sharing your secrets !!!

Bettina said...

I'm a fridge grazer, biscuit stealer and drink swigger lol

baby~amore' said...

@Bettina : we are alike ;)

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