Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Screwup Tuesday

Toilet paperImage via WikipediaScrewup Tuesday ...

Today, I cleaned my room *gasp*. I then spent time catching up on my blogging buddies (after we went to playgroup) .
Before this ... we got ready early for a change -only to be held up as I was walking out the door by phone ringing.S & J cried as we were at the front door. I thought it may have been my friend, who I just got off the phone to, so I answered it... was the accountant's assistant. Urgent !

SU 1 - someone forgot to include stuff for the accountant or she lost it ???

Office 2007 - Excel crashed on me. I had to find some info for her -so had to wait for it to re-boot . The Brother's took the opportunity with my lapse in judgement while I was busy to trash my room, pull the books from the shelves read a book from my library ... one or other of them , shredded and unraveled the toilet paper and threw our toothbrushes on the floor (I hope not in the toilet) also pulling out all my neatly packed away clothes ...a few other things too.

SU 2 - I forgot to lock S & J in the family room with me -where my computer is.

I was really angry when I saw the mess ...

SU 3 - I felt really bad for yelling at them. I honestly did... Off to Playgroup we went they were happy.

They had Chocolate mousse and cupcakes for mums at playgroup ... mmm .I felt a bit better I know I will be more careful next time - especially not to yell at them or leave the gate open.

ately, it has been a challenge finding time to visit as many people as I would like to and often as I'd like. Finally , I finished a few projects (tax)

The last few months I feel like I am always playing catch-up with my housework emails, comments and replies and just keeping in touch with friends.

'Real life' it gets in the way of my 'virtual' one. I am feeling overwhelmed and I am sorry if I have missed getting to you. Please come back ...

Any Tom , Dick or Harry
See more over at Skittles place or new HEADS *OR* TAILS
Feeling a bit frivolous ...
ah Tom
( I know I showed you him last week but I am pushed for time and he is first Tom who comes to mind)

Hmmm I just can't Google it and well honestly what kind of name is that ...I did think of one but I can't put his picture of my blog but I do remember as a child snickering over * Dick * the fearless leader of the Famous Five and his sister, Fanny. I was very fond of the Famous Five.

and last of all

Harry -who else

I 'll be back tomorrow ... maybe feeling a bit more organised.

Screw up 4- I told my husband I would be in bed before midnight ... haha he said ... he was right !

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Skittles said...

Hi Trish! I've been struggling with time spent blogging, too, and have made a conscious effort to step away. Don't feel bad or put pressure on yourself to do more. :)

Can I just sit here and stare at Tom for a while??? :)

jeanie said...

It is hard to find the blog/life balance, isn't it?

And that whole keeping the kids in sight while you are doing something stressful - a lesson that has to be learned 1000 times if it is ever to be learned.

Jayne said...

Good luck with trying to find a balance but don't stress over the little things ;)

Sarah said...

Eek! What a lovely mess they left you!! *G*

I'm off to just stare and drool over you selection for Tom...*sighs*

Kelley said...

I have to seriously look at my online time too. It is getting a little out of hand.

I think I have experienced every one of your SU's today!

Jenn said...

I hear you about feeling like you're constantly playing 'catch up'. Recently I've thinned my feed reader and have found that's helped quite a bit.

Jane @ Kidzarama said...

lol...it's been a while since you read the Famous Five isn't it?

Julian was the leader, Dick was his little brother (little Dick?) & Anne (Annie?) was their younger sister!

I can tell, it's just been one of *those* weeks, hasn't it?
Hope it gets less hectic soon.

Take care,
Jane :)

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