Sunday, 11 May 2008

Weekly Winners

May 4th - 10th
Lotus @ Sarcastic Mom hosts Weekly Winners -here are a few snap shots from my week and a few from today because it is Mother's Day. I hope you all had a lovely day.

Breakfast in Sun

Big slippery slide at PlayCentre
Rev'in his motor
Tea intersection
Is there a bear in there ?
Computer Kitty Cat nap
Uh OH ! Almost over
Eye on the ballBottlebrush
Roses for Mum
Smell them

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, Trish!
Every single one of them.

Your boys have the most amazing climbing skills!

Anonymous said...

Trish, I always delight to see your boys!!

Karen Coutu said...

I love the first one and the roses for Mum. Those two are just too cute!!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

just jamie said...

How sweet is that? Did you get a macaroni necklace too?

Texasholly said...

OMG. He is almost over that out! Fence scaling skills really shouldn't kick in until they are 18 years old.

I wanted to thank you for your post that I didn't have time to comment on about Wiki and the million blog list. It is all very interesting and I am investigating it more to add myself as well. Thanks!

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) said...

So cute! Happy Mother's Day!

Gabriel said...

What beautiful, colourful pictures! I love them.

Here is my post. Have a great Sunday!

Sarah said...

The roses are lovely!!

But the tea intersection made me smile *lol*

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Love the Breakfast in the Sun photo!

Unknown said...

GAH! The twins are absolutely ADORABLE!!! You are certainly blessed, Trish!

Happy Mother's Day! XO

Jayne said...

Oh, those are all lovely :D
Thanks for sharing them with us :)

Laura said...

Breakfast in the sun! Totally cute. :)

Did those glasses break again?

Unknown said...

Love the roses!! And the first one too! In fact, all of them :)

Anonymous said...

Up up and away.. you might need to fence off your gate.. (hehehe oh dear) Veronica was a climber..

Great photos Trish did the roses smell as nice as they looked???

cheers kim xx

Anonymous said...

I have the same trampoline. But my yard is no where as tidy as yours!

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Tiff- LOL I know I just caught that one before he got away.

Thanks Mishelle & Karen xo.

Not this year Jamie - but one year I got a 'gold' macaroni picture frame.

Holly - yes, their older brother has shown them how ...grrrr
Yes, the Million blog is an interesting experiment.

Thanks Rebecca and Gabriel xo.

Sarah - I really only saw that as I was choosing them.I didn't set it up.

Guera - so did they and best still the dog cleaned the usual mess.

Thanks Jayne and C .

Laura - did you read about the glasses being mowed ... it took 2 weeks to get them replaced with flexible frames ... fingers crossed they last till Jan 1st.

Thanks Jenty

Kim - oh love that caption !how about Amy - is she following in her mum's footsteps ?
Those roses have a slight fragrance but my fragrant Red roses ( MR Lincoin and Papa Meilland are so damn prickly I could risk them touching them ...) they smell the best.

Kelley - we not long got it - as a Nurse I saw way,way too many broken arms/wrists/legs and fractured femurs ...from trampoline falls this is supposed to be safe - fingers X ...
Oh tidy - it was a lucky shot ... right now they have trashed it and upturned all the toys. My DH loves mowing and tidying the yard too. I won't let him discover the fun of blogging.

Lauren @ mostly i run said...

The boys are very cute! And of course, I can't resist a kitty curled up in an inconvenient place!

Jenn said...

As always, love all of them. Your boys are so cute. :)

Anonymous said...

Just when you think they couldn't possibly get any cuter... :)

Adorable, Trish! (And I love your kitty's fascination with the computer desk -LOL!)

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Very cute! Love them sitting at the little table and "tea intersection"!

Anonymous said...

How cute !!!!!

What precious little boys you have !!!

(With awesome climbing skills. That will keep you on your toes)

Crazed Nitwit said...

I truly enjoy your weekly round up of pictures each and every week. I want to see a picture of the surly one..........:P

dawn224 said...

love 'em :) The boys are getting so big!

Anonymous said...

So very adorable! I love the first and the Tea Intersection. Too cute!

PamelaMKramer said...

Those little guys are just too cute! You must stay very busy. LOL

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