Monday, 5 May 2008

Manic Monday

I have nothing ... well I had a brilliant post but I lost it - gggrrrrrrrrrr Firefox crashed .

The darn word verification of my posts - because the problem marking my blog as spam isn't fixed meant that blogger didn't save the post.

It usually does it as you go but not when you have word verification on your posts.

I want to cry *sob*... really I do - actually that isn't the full truth. I want to swear and say WTF. I want to kick something Worse maybe ...I won't though !

I don't really swear on my blog ... though I curse the computer .

However , if you ask my husband he says between my teen and I he has enough money in his virtual swear jar to retire - very comfortably. If only *snort* !!!

He has rarely sworn.. ever in my presence anyway - what he mutters under his breath about me I wouldn't hear anyway LOL.

He is a flippin' saint and he has a name to match - because he has a gospel name.

Revive my Heart
Day Fourteen:
"The righteous man walks in his integrity..." Prov. 20:7a

Ironic - today's topic - integrity ...He is honest almost always and like I said a saint !He stands against the culture of men who swear.

I will re write my post tomorrow...*sob I never got to bed early either
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