Monday 19 May 2008

I do ... did you

this post was inspired by Reba ... I do a wedding story carnival.

Today, we’re sharing wedding stories. You don’t have to tell a story about YOUR wedding. You can tell the story about any wedding you’ve been to, been in
You have got to go see her story - she is gorgeous

In September1988 - I was a Registered Nurse, driving home from working an evening shift (in Paediatric Ward). It was 11.30pm and I listened to radio / music. An ad I disliked came on and I switched stations. It happened to be to a radio matchmakers program I didn’t usually listen to (honest)… a young man was describing his many attributes and his ideal partner.
Hey !
I was interested but I didn’t have a pen – and I was driving. I made a mental note of his code ‘name’.
It took a few days for me so stay awake long enough (with pen and paper under my pillow) to get the address and then a few hours to write a letter to send in. My letter & details were then forwarded to him. (He was the only one I ever wrote to but my sister and her friend did use my name to chase other radio guys ggrr.)
Oh the anticipation ...
I got a shock call one Saturday and we talked for a quite a while. We made arrangements for a blind date that same night, arriving in own cars.
Then I even got into his car to travel to nearby cinemas – all the while thinking I hope he isn’t an axe murderer .. ‘cause I told no-one LOL.
We planned another ‘date’ –this time we went to his church. I was amazed at all the girls that came to talk to him – was the interest in M or checking ‘me’?
We talked on the phone a few times more and then I didn’t hear from M for 2 weeks or so. I was a registered nurse shift worker –finding time was difficult. I thought –there goes someone special.
Due to crossed communication we missed each other and left respective messages. He asked me out to a wedding –but I had a wedding to go to on12th November – too late to bring a partner – if I had dared to ask him.

Then on 15th November - we had a dinner at his place (he lived with his mum but she was out)- Chinese takeaway. Over dinner he asked me out - officially - boyfriend and girlfriend. But first - this crazy guy wanted to know how many pairs of shoes I had plus a few other things that I can’t remember.
I was doing the Bicentennial (1988) bike ride from Melbourne to Sydney
- 1st December to 15th approx., I wrote him every days and could hardly wait to get back. It was a great incentive to keep peddling the 1100kms home. I was glad to be home because absence made the heart grow fonder. Christmas came and we met each others family.

Romance blossomed and on my 23rd birthday - he asked me to marry him
“How would I like him for the rest of my life ?” Obviously. February was chosen - just before Valentine’s day.

The might before the wedding, after the rehearsal we called the radio station again –rather someone else did and put dear M on the spot – he was so flustered and got it all mixed up. We also had takeaway pizza with everyone.

I was living 30 mins away with two female friends so instead I stayed overnight at my future SIL’s –5 mins from the church. I still remember my nephew then 2 leading me to his room and showing me my dress hanging behind the door. I hardly slept at all …nervous my groom might get cold feet. I watched too much TV.
I had an early start for hairdresser and makeup . It all went quite smoothly. We girls had so many photos by V

We were married on February 10th 1990. It was a simple Christian ceremony in a warehouse – literally. We had a few live singers
from our church singing and this pastor lead our ceremony and took us through our wedding vows and said some amazing words. Though he did not officiate the legal documents another pastor present had to. A year later when he also did the our best man’s wedding and M was a best man – he joked to me – hey I forgot to tell you you need to come and see me …you aren’t legally married … he was joking but he did get my heart racing for a minute.
He is an awesome songwriter .
The trappings of the day were not that important it was the act of marrying the man I loved. We have three borrowed white cars. I wanted a morning wedding and so did M – rather than waste the day away. It was 10am wedding.
My Dad walked me down the aisle … complete with rose petals scattered by our two flower girls Jessica & Jessica . One was so nervous she forgot to scatter hers.
I was gowned in my lovely ‘hired’ wedding dress – it was still beautiful. M had a surprise for me … Akbura hats that matched his pale grey wedding tuxedo –the best men had them too. It was great fun.

Even the oil stained grey concrete outside is visible in many of our first wedding photos. It was a Christian Life Centre, then a small community type church but in a bulk warehouse unit.
Now it is multi -million dollar church in a multi million dollar building.We moved a long time ago and go to a different much smaller church now.
The week before we married M had to help renovate and rebuilt the centre worship stage as they rearranged the church in the warehouse.
Our reception was in a nearby cultural centre / venue – again M had to help set up. It was a busy week for him. He worked there at the time as building supervisor.
After the ceremony we had more photos taken in gardens nearby.
At the time of planning our honeymoon there was a pilot’s strike on. The travel agent advised M not to plan on flying. So he didn’t. M planned a very special surprise honeymoon in Queensland – he drove there.
M had hidden the car away … scared the goon groom squad and accomplices would damage the silver duco on his beloved sporty Holden Commodore. They had pushed him blindfolded onto a train (bruised leg from falling between it and hitting the platform), egged him and left him hogged tied and duct taped, on his mother’s front lawn after his buck’s night. He was still bruised, patchy and sans hair in many places.

The best man (a sound technician) set up speakers re-played the followup radio interview at the wedding reception and everyone had a great laugh (like ROFL and PMSL). Some people did not know how we met and the followup interview was funny...

Though M was sick all our wedding day … we think food poisoning from pizza. He didn’t get to enjoy the reception feast and our honeymoon night he spent vomiting and mostly in the bathroom at the first Hotel . Then he still had to drive to Coff’s Harbour the next day ,then Queensland – I couldn’t drive his manual car but we made it and he recovered quickly. On the way home M got his ‘last’ speeding fine showing me how fast his car could go … it was okay we had a great week
In last 18 years we have had the time of our life.

No this was not my invitation - but it made me laugh Sorry my scanner is out of commission so I cannot scan any pictures in *sob* what's your story ? Never miss a post


Karen MEG said...

What an amazing story about how your met! Sorry M was sick on your wedding night, but sounds like you've had a great marriage since.

Thanks for the clip; it's been ages since I saw that movie, so romantic. And that invitation, hilarious! Where did you find that?!

jeanie said...

What a lovely way to meet, Trish! It sounds like you enjoyed the trip to the altar.

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) said...

Ahhh... that is such a great story. I loved, loved, loved it. The fake invitation cracked me up. But it's also sad... because some people spend a go-zillion dollars on a wedding, then forget there is a marriage at the end of it. And DO end up divorced. :(

My husband made a point of mentioning your lovely compliment at the beginning of this post. You're so kind to have said this. :) He says it made him smile when he read it.

And if you get a new scanner or borrow one, put up some photos and let me know they're here. I'd love to see them.

Yay! I love wedding stories!

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) said...

P.S. I also loved that you put the video from "Dirty Dancing" in there. I love that song... and that's one of the best scenes in a movie. Ever. :) O.k., totally inappropriate for me to have watched when I was 13... but that's a different story entirely. :)

Jayne said...

That is a wonderful story!
Thanks for sharing it with us :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely story about how you met! And the invitation is too funny - I bet there's some mothers-in-laws out there that would have loved to use it.

Anonymous said...

I love hearing happy marriage stories. A freind of mine has just had her husband walk out on he after 15 years and my heart breaks for her. Yours is a beautiful story that I hope continues on for the rest of your lives.

Cathy said...

loved your meeting and falling in love story... what a great one to tell the kids and grandkids about one day!

and i loved that invite!!! how hilarious!! i personally know a few people who can relate :)

Anonymous said...

I never get tired of hearing how you both met.
I didn't know M had food poisening though, LOL, I got food poisening on our honeymoon...I think it was the liquid cheese.

Missy said...

What a great story of how you met and how you wed!
Thanks for sharing!

KJ said...

I love the story of how you met! Very cool!

Crazed Nitwit said...

Great story Trish. I'm glad you are so happy in your marriage.


Al_Pal said...

Hi, I came over from Secret Agent Mama's post. This is a great story! Very cool. Sorry to hear your hub was so sick, but very glad to hear the years have been good to you!

Al Pal [VDog's sister]

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