Friday, 4 April 2008

52 blessings to be grateful for on Friday

March has flown and here we are - Friday again. Where did my week go ?

This week I am so grateful, most importantly, that my little boy J's BrainMRI was all clear after a stressful and agonising 2 week wait. I guess he has inherited his big noggin brains from both his Grandfathers. I appreciate all of your warm supportive comments. Grateful I am !

We also were told 2 weeks ago (same day as his MRI) results of his renal scan - that his left kidney is growing though still smaller than his right. Thats good news - he has 65% function on right and 35% on left (adds to 100% meaning right kidney is doing more work but that's okay - we hope it gets no worse)

I am so grateful we live near enough to the Children's hospital to attend their clinics . S & J have attended four different clinics and will continue to attend a few for many years. It is about 45mins drive but I don't and can't complain...

Every time I walk through the doors I see children in the corridors and clinic waiting areas with obvious disabilities, and children I know from my paediatric nursing experience that have faced many challenges and unfortunately do so every day . I see sadly other children facing the fight of their life - strolling or being pushed through the main corridors.

I don't stare but I take it all in and while silently raising a prayer of thanks that all these children (and mine) have access to this brilliant facility. I pray their parents will have the strength to continue, for them to face the challenges and beat their illness or live the best live they can.

Last night I watched "Saving Kids" (filmed at another major Children's hospital). I cried almost from start to finish.I have missed many episodes because we are just too busy at 8pm.

It was final episode in this series - one story was a twin boy whose amazing spirit had me crying tears of joy and sadness - he was a micropremmie and suffered so many setbacks but has achieved more than Drs ever imagined.

Then a brave Mother giving her sick little boy her kidney (transplant) to save his life -oh what greater love ... both stories grabbed at my heart and I was so emotionally overwhelmed. I think our own challenges pale in comparison .

... I am grateful I finally cleared the posts in rss reader ...I had a huge backlog from over Easter.Though due to the number I am subscribed to it was back up to 60 this morning. Plus I read other blogs I am not subscribed to and find new links every day.


Suzie said...

Little children should'nt have to go through that. Lets save the illness until we get too old to care or notice.

Childlife said...

I'm so glad your little guy is ok too! Better start that college fund now from the sounds of it :D So glad his kidney function is stable too, and I'll be praying it keeps improving.

I'm grateful for people like you, Trish... who have such beautiful souls. People who can empathize and care about others. I'm privileged to know you :)

Jen at Semantically driven said...

I'm glad the little fella is ok. I can't watch those kids who are sick shows - I just cry.

Jenty said...

Wow, I'm thrilled that the results are clear! It must be such a relief!

Kelley said...

I can't watch that show, I always end up in tears!

Glad to hear that the MRI went well and the results were clear, must have felt like you were holding your breath the whole time.


katef - said...

So glad your little man got the all clear - was catching up on my own RSS reading last night and my heart was in my hand the whole way reading through your post!

PlanningQueen said...

I have often thought that for mums like me who have perfectly healthy children, that we should be made to visit a children's hospital occasionally, like you said not to stare but soak it in and gain some perspective.

When I have had to take my kids to the Children's Hopsital (for minor things like grommets etc) I am blown away at the strength and resilience of some of the families there.

Glad your boy is all OK.

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