Friday, 7 March 2008

It's time .. Ready, Set, Gather your recipes

Ultimate Blog Party 2008 Yesterday, I told you about the great blog party going on all week long starting today 12.01am Eastern time USA?

I have been seeing it around for the past two weeks. Today, I just had enough time to wash my hair and to put on my sweat pants fancy dress before one of the little monsters woke up and head on over at the last minute.

Janice and Susan of 5 Minutes for Mom are the hosts The idea is to get out meet new bloggers and have some traffic fun!

In my haste I did forget to mention that there are prizes to be given out to everyone that participates and that almost 1000 women joined in last year ?

Well, where are my manners? My name is Trish (Babyamore - cause I know so many Trish bloggers) . Welcome to my humble blog, I’m delighted that you are here.

I live in the Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. I am married to Mr Right, we have three boys - a teenager and twin 20 month olds ( how can that be, they were just babies last week and in the blink of an eye they chat back and can run faster than me). I also have an Angel daughter in heaven.

If you browse around, you’ll most likely find a whole lot of fun stuff and loads of pictures of the dynamic duo, 'twister' twins and the resulting chaos.

If you can ignore the extra vowels , my awful grammar (I can't say poor grammar - because it will only confuse you - as it did my Chinese friend once - hasn't your grandma any money honey) and punctuation... I forget to take a breath and where to insert commas. (I tend to overdose on .... sometimes!!!! )

My belief is that the best bits of life are in celebrating the little things (my cheeky twins), impromptu captured moments, or the slices in the days (send some slice recipes -if you will…) and I do my best to blog them. I don't get too deep and meaningful and I enjoy it.

Whilst, I write for myself (Tiff, Melbo and my stalkers) it’s been an added joy to have met so many other wonderful bloggers. I ♥ you.

So this is my party post and I want to hear from you ... I love Cocktail parties tell me your favourite drink (sans alcohol or not) and share with me your favourite recipe (any food, beverage, dessert -OH yes !) ... I will put them on my other blog too- cause I need some new ideas for my menu planning.

If not ... please comment anyway and let me know something about you.

I especially want to challenge all the Trish's or Patricia's , Pat's or Patti's out there to come and say hi.

I also have some great joke quotes to share this week (I can't tell you where I ripped them from ...).

Let the party begin ...who is bringing the music ?

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