Sunday, 3 February 2008

Weekly Winners

January 27th - February 2nd

I give praise for the plentiful rain today (also on Friday). It has been a busy week and I just forgot to take my camera out many times. I didn't get too many pictures this week but I aim to do better next week.
I have a basic point and shoot digital camera - no fancy lenses like Lotus aka Sarcastic Mom and others but still they are my Weekly Winners ! So you see anyone can join in.

I get to show off my favourite photos, I also get to view some brilliant captures and images from other spectacular photographers and also other mummy bloggers like me.

Wake boarding - on Australia Day


Stillness - almost

Tired of waiting
Yes, S set himself there (notice the angle) whilst waiting for his turn to be breastfed -he was only minding the dummy/binky for his brother too. He never had a dummy/binky but likes to chew and steal J's now.

I take my hat off to you

Also , my wordless Wednesday picture and my Australia Day holiday Monday ones.

Please go and visit Laura's photos it is her first Weekly Winners
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