Monday, 25 February 2008

Menu Planning

I am inspired to get organised and start saving money as I posted Thursday.

Menu planning seems to be a big hit in the blogosphere and recipes and eating 'mmm' are my good medal sport !

I have to add the toddler edition too. J eats everything we eat mostly- but not his brother - well actually he does taste him daily (bites) but you know what I mean !

Tuesday : Spaghetti Bolognaise one of my family's favorite meal - everyone eats this (complete with hidden grated carrots/zucchini/mushrooms and even red Lentils if I am really sneaky.)

Wednesday:Beef Stroganoff, steamed vegetables and Rice (cause S only eats rice)

Thursday:Chicken Schnitzel, potato bake and salad (plus rice side dish and peas for J - he likes peas)

Friday:Lite Honey Mustard chicken,steamed vegetables and Rice (again cause S likes just rice)

Saturday: Surprise ???

Sunday :we usually have a family dinner with my brother and his family and my Mother - not sure whose turn it is ... but we have a big day planned so it won't be ours.

I won't post it every Monday but I am giving it a go for now to get taste buds drooling myself organised and make you all hungry .

My aim is to rotate a week about every 4-6 weeks and based on what's on special each week /in season/ the weather and what I have stockpiled in the fridge /freezer.

One day it will be based around what's growing in my vegie garden - fingers crossed my seedlings survive the twins and the dog.

I have been hearing about the Pioneer Woman and the other Trish @ Light,Sweet and Crude had a great risotto recipe last week ...complete with step by step pictures .That is going to to be my lunch one day.

So what's for dinner at your place this week ?

I actually started a recipe blog last year but I didn't get any new recipes sent to me -so it kind of went by the way side . I may resurrect it one day - it needs a major renovation LOL

I am open to ideas and new suggestions ... well with Aussie ingredients especially *wink

See more @ ORGANISING JUNKIE if you need some ideas


Jenn said...

We do menu planning at our house and it works well. I base my shopping list on it and try to only buy those things we need - it really has helped us to save money on our grocery bill.

baby~amore' said...

thanks Jenn -that's my goal and to cut out takeaway.

Anonymous said...

That's a good idea. Oh and I love beef stroganoff!

Sonshine said...

I love your little side notes for your toddlers.

Sounds like a yummy week is planned at your house!

Enjoy your week!

Mommychicky said...

Welcome to MPM. My toddler only wants eggs and pizza these days. But, for some reason she was willing to eat broccoli last night. Who can figure.

Thanks for sharing and have a great week.

My menu is up at Don't Eat Baby.

Childlife said...

Sounds like a yummy week! I'm so impressed with your organization :)

Lora said...

Welcome to MPM! It's been great to help me get organized w/my meals...BTW, my kiddos love rice, too, and it's a great way to sneak in veggies:)

SeaBird said...

I've just decided to meal-plan a bit, too -- otherwise it's a lot of frozen dinner and last-minute take out! I've made a list of several recipes to cook frequently and "perfect" instead of trying a new one all the time. We'll see how it works....!

dawn224 said...

I think you should do a whole post on how you hide the veggies in the Bolognaise (b/c I don't like veggies in my food and need help learning to hide stuff)

katef - said...

snap! We are having spag bol tonight too! But now I want beef strog! MMM YUM!
I don't plan dinners weekly because DH works shift work and so our weeks are 'different' to everyone else's LOL But I sort of plan monthly in that I write a list of dinners for the month then shop for them (we do one main big shop per month) then just cross off list the meals as we eat them.
We've saved heaps of money since doing this plus I hate having to think of something for dinner at 5pm every night!

jeanie said...

Yay - someone else who does the red lentil trick with the spag bol!

I tend to let the specials at the shop dictate our menu plan rather than the other way around - although Tuesday night is always tacos and Friday night is always fish, chips and salad.

JaniceNW said...

You are a gazillion times more organized than me. I'm going to get through this move and I'll think about menu planning after that. We'll have a barbeq out back so that will factor in with BBB's baseball schedule.

Smiles and hugs across the world! :)

Anonymous said...

I tagged you!

LunaNik said...

I'm a coupon addict which has saved me tons and I've only been addicted for the past month or so. I actually made a spread sheet of my out of pocket expense versus my savings using sales and coupons and so far I have saved just as much as I have spent! Meaning I have literally cut my grocery bills in HALF!.

I haven't tried menu planning yet. Does it really help save money?? If it does then I definately want to give it a shot. Anything to save a buck, ya know.

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