Monday, 25 February 2008

Menu Planning

I am inspired to get organised and start saving money as I posted Thursday.

Menu planning seems to be a big hit in the blogosphere and recipes and eating 'mmm' are my good medal sport !

I have to add the toddler edition too. J eats everything we eat mostly- but not his brother - well actually he does taste him daily (bites) but you know what I mean !

Tuesday : Spaghetti Bolognaise one of my family's favorite meal - everyone eats this (complete with hidden grated carrots/zucchini/mushrooms and even red Lentils if I am really sneaky.)

Wednesday:Beef Stroganoff, steamed vegetables and Rice (cause S only eats rice)

Thursday:Chicken Schnitzel, potato bake and salad (plus rice side dish and peas for J - he likes peas)

Friday:Lite Honey Mustard chicken,steamed vegetables and Rice (again cause S likes just rice)

Saturday: Surprise ???

Sunday :we usually have a family dinner with my brother and his family and my Mother - not sure whose turn it is ... but we have a big day planned so it won't be ours.

I won't post it every Monday but I am giving it a go for now to get taste buds drooling myself organised and make you all hungry .

My aim is to rotate a week about every 4-6 weeks and based on what's on special each week /in season/ the weather and what I have stockpiled in the fridge /freezer.

One day it will be based around what's growing in my vegie garden - fingers crossed my seedlings survive the twins and the dog.

I have been hearing about the Pioneer Woman and the other Trish @ Light,Sweet and Crude had a great risotto recipe last week ...complete with step by step pictures .That is going to to be my lunch one day.

So what's for dinner at your place this week ?

I actually started a recipe blog last year but I didn't get any new recipes sent to me -so it kind of went by the way side . I may resurrect it one day - it needs a major renovation LOL

I am open to ideas and new suggestions ... well with Aussie ingredients especially *wink

See more @ ORGANISING JUNKIE if you need some ideas
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