Wednesday 13 February 2008

how do you make hearts

I learnt this new trick from Barb @ Skittles
&hearts = ♥
rinse ,lather,repeat and 'dye'


just in time for tomorrow hey !
I you


Rachel said...

hi, i'm a twin mommy too. i was so excited to see you posted the directions to "make" hearts however i still can't figure it out is there something else you have to do? i just started reading your blog a couple of weeks ago. your boys are adorable.

Jenn said...

Oh, great trick! And what perfect timing. :)

Unknown said...

That's a very cute trick, I'll have to try use that soon!

MP said...

I tried..I don't get do you do it?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of your kind comments and for your gesture. Teddy bears are a wonderful memorial!


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